Em Ar Te (read: MRT)

As far as I can remember, first time I took Underground Train slash MRT when I was in 3rd grade, apprx 9 years old.

It was in Singapore, my parents annually took us there.

I went “wooow” since It didn’t exist in Jakarta.

As I said, we kept coming back to S’pore and taking MRT wasn’t fantastic journey anymore. Yet, I always in awe, since the country keeps building new lines, expanding the stations,etc.

For instance, Dhouby Ghout was once a small, quite MRT station. I remembered the station was majorly renovated in 2005, and now it is a huge transit station. I haven’t travelled back to Singapore for 3 years so I have no idea what lines are new.

I’m 41 years old, so do the calculation in what year I took MRT for the first time.

When I was in Singapore for work, I must say, I felt like I was the coolest Tangsel Citizen because hey! I took MRT to work! On daily basis!

Fast forward, Jakarta finally have one! I bet many of you have friends or you- yourself had posted short video or pictures of the long-awaited MRT in your socmed account.

Yet Being overshared I am, I didn’t post any! Tumben kan? Hahahaha

When I took MRT (in Jakarta) for the first time, I feel amazing when it goes escalated. From senayan station to Asean Station.

All the people in the compartment exclaimed “WOOOOOWWWW”

I bet they are just like me, middle class who travelled here and there including Singapore, yet, still in awe in a public transportation that goes underground to bla bla feet above the ground!

If you asked me, the MRT is not feasible for me in term of expenses and time consuming. It’s IDR 15,000 more expensive/trip and extra 30 minutes to get home/office.

But yes, there’s a feeling, a proud feeling that I took MRT to commute in a country where I live!

Lebak Bulus Bound

It is not surprising, that business area near the station goes very very well! People from Sudirman went to Blok A just to eat Nasi Padang. Because it only took 10 mins from their desk now (vs 45 mins by taxi)

Last Friday I asked my colleague to have lunch somewhere,near MRT station. Everybody agreed!

We were in the same elevator with our Irish Boss. He asked where we have our lunch, we explained and his reply was (of course he said this in English)

“Halah! Kalian heboh banget sih sama MRT! gw kira semua kota dilalui MRT, taunya cuma 1 line pendek”

In case google translation doesn’t work : you guys are exaggerating! I thought it is covering the whole city! Turns out only 1 short distance”

Ih misterrr! nunggunya lamaaaa tau!!!

6 thoughts on “Em Ar Te (read: MRT)

  1. Kalo gue baca cerita orang pas pertama naik MRT ngerasanya “Wah kayak naik metro di Tokyo nih :-)” Tapi pas ngerasain sendiri, kok berasa kayak naik commuter biasa ya 😀

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