Akhirnya Kopdar!

How many of you FINALLY met your online-friends ( Tinder, Ok Cupid are exceptional tho! ) after befriended for almost a decade?

Oh well, I’ve finally met Riduan from Malaysia tho.

So, I forgot who were visiting whom at first , yet, I always refer to Riana’s blog for book of the week – later -month – later year πŸ˜€ *blame twitter and Whatsapp and IG, they somewhat more fun!*

Besides, starting that year, I barely found an interest blog. My (online /blogger) friends seem stop updating their blogs. FB and twitter offered more pleasant experiences.

Back in 2010, I remembered we exchange my -family traveling – book with her Yasmin Ahmad DVD, thru my dad. Dad worked in the same building with her, hence the barter process took place. No Go-Send services back in that year.

Stillllll….we never met in person, keep each other posted thru whatsapp tho. Sometimes I wonder, how big Jakarta is! Jakarta seluas apa sih sampe orang susah ketemuan.

When my mom was very sick then passed away, during the mourning process I talked to her, as she had lost her mom as well. For healing process. Losing parents at any age is hard. I tell you 😦

Yahhh begitulah pertemanan blogger, making friends thru blogging is unique, right? So close, yet seems so far away #apasih

Like any other blog you regularly visit, of course you enjoy a piece of her life and interest. We both born in January πŸ˜‰ #penting

Fast forward, I’ll flying somewhere where she’d travelled before. I contacted her again. during finding out what to do, where to go, we figured, now we are working in the same area.

So, finally, I met this lawyer / lecturer / aspiring traveller (watch for her next adventure ) during heavy rain in Dapur Ciragil!

With Riana

We should do it again, Riy!

Ps : my first impression after seeing her for the first time “loe mungil banget ya mbakkkk” 🀣

11 thoughts on “Akhirnya Kopdar!

  1. hahaha…akhirnya bisa juga kita ketemuan yaaaa…

    harus kopdar lagi kayaknya biar bisa poto yang lebih cakepan #TernyataNarsis :p

    but all in all, gw serasa ketemu temen yg udah kenal lama bangetssss dan seringkali ketemuan, walaupun kopdar cuma sekejap, sambil terdistraksi hujan, bolak-balik pesen makanan, ngunyah, dan intip2 jam takut telat balik ke kantor, kita bisa bahas aneka topik secara random abisss, apapun nyambung buat dibahas, termasuk berghibah ……hahaha…


    • Gw bukan ngecek jam mbak. Jam gw connect ke Hp. Jadi kalo ada notifikasi hp gw ngga usah cari cari Hp, baca aja di jam. Penting apa engga untuk gw megang Hp.
      Yuk lagiii minggu depan hahahah

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