Last weekend, I cleaned my family old photographs, 20-30 years old printed photographs that require photo-album then a drawer to place them. How I bless digital life! I threw away many old pics, mostly pictures of my parents’ acquaintances, less likely my dad wants too see those pictures again.

My favorite old pictures, of course, our family vacation! I do realized where “ada rejeki lebih kepakai untuk liburan” gens comes from.

Extra money always went to a trip…in my dad case. He took us for annual vacation. At least once a year. We already went to Gili Trawangan in early 90’s when the island was very very quite and isolated.

I remember asking dad why he kept our old family car Suzuki Esteem for almost a decade while our neighbors changed theirs every 2-3 years, he said he better used his bonus to take us around. Priority then.

Even he could afford another family car, he choose not. Saya disuruh naik Kopaja kemana mana. I use to hate it, but somehow that explains why sampai saat ini ngga suka nyetir :)) Unlike any other commuters living in big cities, I don’t enjoy being inside the car, both as a driver and passenger.

Anyway, Of coursee….like any trip, taking a photo is A MUST! Since it was a camera-rolled film era, harus irit pakai Fuji film isi 36-nya! :)) we had to save those film! Hence, for me having self portrait was really a privilege at that time.

Then I found these pics. It was taken during our trip to Perth. I was 17-18, I guess.

To save film (camera), I had to take a picture on the same frame with my sister, while my brother —- being the only son in the family had a privilege having a self portrait! Duh! :))

Fremantle – Perth

Dan sekalinya dapat kesempatan bisa foto sendiri-sendiri, it was Chao Praya at the background! Ngga ada beda sama Sungai Batanghari-Jambi! :)) :))

Chao Praya

Dan yang namanya lihat foto foto lama, seeing pictures of your old relatives who no longer around us gave shivers.


My late mom and us in Colorado.

My eyes some-what get wet, everytime I hear this song.

We keep this love in a photograph

We made these memories for ourselves

Where our eyes are never closing

Hearts are never broken

And time’s forever frozen still

November, is the month of her birthday.

9 thoughts on “Photographs

  1. Kirim Al fatehah untuk Ibu Mbak Kiky. Selamat ulang tahun.
    Aku juga selalu bersyukur hidup di era “cuci film” kodak haha. Kalo orang Jawa apapun mereknya nyebut kodak. 1 rol isi 36 untuk seluruh liburan. Mahal kan ngafdreknya. Makanya aku sekarang rajin bikin photo book (kalo suami rajin nyetak foto). Bagaimana pun juga, ada rasa beda kalau lihat foto tercetak dan foto di digital. Mau mewariskan kesenangan membolak balik album foto pada keturunan kami.

    • Masih 20 hari lagi. Harusnya blio 61 tahun 🙂 terima Kasih Den!
      Iya kepikiran mau ngafdruk beberapa foto terutama foto liburan ya. Pingin juga anak anak udah gede jalan jalan bareng (mungkin) dengan keluarga baru mereka. Foto foto now and then gitu kayak aku dan adikku suka lakukan

  2. kalo pulang juga saya masih suka nostalgia sama foto” jaman dulu
    gimana ya
    rasanya lebih memorable gitu dari foto” jaman sekarang yang full effect

  3. It’s so weird to see you with snow, it’s… like we traded life! 😆

    I remember having to save film as well. I wish I had as many pictures of my family and I as a kid as Mark has these days with digital photography.

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