Bangkok trip : bloody tourist

Day 2

Everytime I travelled to a city famous for its food, I refused to order breakfast at the hotel. I go where the local do. well ya…sort of 😀

We had breakfast near by the hotel, served  American Breakfast (Pancake, banana, capucino and orange juice), it cost Baht 120! (less than around IDR 60,000). Expensive, probably yes compare to nasi uduk or lontong sayur. But the place was nice. In Jakarta probably it would cost IDR 80,000, at least.

Well, anyway, our intention was to visit touristy spots, places that we visited decades ago.  We took Grab Car service to the Grand Palace. The driver was an old man, Chinesee-Thai and speaks English very well. Thing we barely met in Bangkok. We had chit chat, I told him we were re-visiting this city again…bla…bla…then he told us:

“Don’t be so nice to Chinese Tourists! They’re very rude! If they cut your line, go punch them!I hate them. They are very noisy”hahahahhaahha

These Chinese (mainland) Tourists had became issue, in some extent, however, we cant blame them, they have THE money.

I told Mr. Jed that we wanted to see Wat Po as well, then he said.

“You know, they’re 7 types of Buddhist which represent the day you’re born. The reclining Budha represents people who born in Tuesday, the laid-back ones!”

bet the old Buddhist weren’t Triathlete nor Runner! Otherwise, Monday will not be a rest day! 😀

Grand Palace opens at 8.30 am. It was cloudy at first then slightly rain. Entrance Fee Baht 500, free for Thai. Quite expensive compare to Indonesia Tourism Site, but…you pay for what you expected.

The Palace was very clean, public toilet like ones in shopping center and even free flow drinking water.  It is nice, considering Bangkok lies near equator as well. So, here we are again, reminiscing our trip when we were teen! A 17 yrs old me vs 27++ yrs old me. I didn’t change much, did I?

We were here on New Year Holiday in mid 90’s, so we roam around, not only admiring the beauty, but wonder were was our picture taken. I somehow can hear my late mom said to my dad “Pa, fotoin mama di sini donk sama anak-anak” 🙂 of course, having a self portrait is a privilege in rolled-film camera, wasn’t it?

Then we proceed to Wat Po by foot, it’s 1 KM apart, under one hot sunny day in Bangkok. Enterance Fee is Baht 100, the condition of the tourism site is as good as The Grand Palace, yes, including the toilet. (Saya tuh suka parno kalo ke toilet umum di Indonesia, WC di Keraton JOgja ajaa…ya gitu deh. Kompensasi Harga Tiket Masuk yang murah kali ya 😦  ) we wanted to hire a guide, but it was Saturday, cant find one.


then and now

We forgot the idea that we wanted to see Wat Arun! next visit then! we didn’t came here either years ago.

In Wat Po, ticket fee includes free a bottle of mineral water, the are is  clean, provide free drinking water, and even ATM inside the complex in case you want to buy sorvenir yet run out of cash! Now I understand, why Thailand is Amazinghal hal kecil untuk memajukan parawisatanya benar benar diperhatikan! Saya sih tidak masalah bayar situs sejarah agak mahal tapi terawat! 

We took rest in restaurant near by, had of course the manggo sticky rice, cost Baht 80. Yummy! then we took public bus.

note: Sekali lagi, di sini saya merasakan ketinggalan Jakarta dalam menyediakan transportasi umum yang nyaman, untuk tourist sekalipun. Their public bus serves better service

we took bus to of courseee……The famous Chatuchak Market! the journey took 45mins.


muslim food stall at Lot 12

Tips from Iqbal, get in from Lot 23. It offers better tenants. So we did what he told us. we were hungry, saw so many Indonesian moslem , I asked them where can I find HALAL FOOD and one of them said  LOT 12! Just ask any Indonesian you met where to find this or that! :)) Seems most of them know this place by heart with closed eyes.

I’m not a shopping person, I  fed up cleaning my parents old house and get rid of their stuffs that made me  hate shopping. It’s wants more than needs. I was puzzled, why (Indonesian) fly to Bangkok only for shopping. On my second day here, I understand! Ya emang pengen dibeli aja rasanya semua barang-barangnya! Murah-murah bet! lucu lucu banget! harus kosongin isi lemari kayaknya ke sini! 

In case you wonder, I came back  empty-handed. I didn’t come to Bangkok for shopping, yet I do find this place is interesting. Saw many buyers come with big luggages.  I bought a lot of snack, drinks, snack, drink, repeat! It’s heaven!

We took BTS back to Siam Area. Chatuchak, being new point of interest offers better rapid public transportation (there’s also MRT near by). Came back to hotel, I needed a rest. Although the night is young ,  I’m not! :))

Main Expenses

  • Grab from Siam to The Grand Palace  around Baht 100-150
  • Grand Palace Enterance Fee Baht 500, Wat Po baht 100
  • Bus Fare from Wat Po to Chattucak Market Baht 18 (30?) lupa. Murah lah. Kalau naik Grab 100Baht++

4 thoughts on “Bangkok trip : bloody tourist

  1. You didn’t change much! 😉

    Like you, I never eat breakfast at the hotel, especially if I have to pay for it. I remember visiting the Grand Palace (the guards were incredibly rude to tourists, they called us women dirty names) and Wat Po. The architecture was quite unique to me! I wasn’t a big fan of Bangkok and Thailand in general, too many tourists, too many scams, not a great value overall.

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