Bangkok Trip : Sawasdee Ka!

Hallo! I recently made a trip to the capital of Thailand. Re-visitting this city after more than two decades.

Day One

We took the famous low-budget airline, of course, that arrives at Don Muang Airport. When I’m done with Imigration Check Point, I could recall dad took my pictures on the stairs. I guess, the airport hasn’t changed much. I had no Thailand Baht with me, so I found ATM to withdraw.

Took cab to Siam Area, where we stay, drop the baggages, and found lunch. It close to noon.

Honestly, I didn’t quite remember what Bangkok looked like in mid 90’s, but not so much different from Jakarta. There was no Bangkok Sky Train back in that time, traffic was as worse as Jakarta.

But now, the city is much developed! Compare to our capital city :-/. That was my impression on the first 3 hours after I explored city center a little bit. The BTS were integrated to main office buildings, very convenient to move around.

Kotanya lebih manusiawi dibanding Jakarta. Jajan di kaki lima aja bersih, pada buang sampahnya sendiri. Sekali lagi, ini impressi saya selama 3, jam pertama di sini.

BTS intersection on Siam Area

After we had our lunch, we wondered around aiming to visit Central Embassy, when they have Open House on the top level. It’s a book stores integrated with various food stalls. Gee, I love its ambience. Food are quite expensive though, for IG content (daaaa!), I bought a cup of coffee :-/

Coffee and a book

We took BTS of course for mobility. So we bought Rabbit Card.

Rabbit Card

back to hotel, check-in ( I stayed in Ibis Hotel), took a quick nap (umur tidak bisa dusta, lelah bangun shubuh) , we took Grab Car to Lhong 1919. An area consists of shops and restaurant at the river bank if the famous Chao Praya.

Lhong 1919

The building was once an Army Barrack during the war, and they turn into shopping complex rather than demolished them.

So, there I was again! Took self potrait, with Chao Praya at the back. Hahahahah

17 yrs old me vs 27++ yrs old me

Drivernya ngomel macet, padahal dibanding Jakarta ngga ada apa apanya :))

Many Thai we met speak little English.

Terus pas cerita besok mau ngapain di Bangkok and we crossed the bridge over Chao Praya.

The driver : Wat Poh

Us : just roaming around, find good places to eat

The driver : No, Wat Poh. and her finger point something

Us : oooihh Wat Poh, kita pikir nanya What For

We took grab car again (because there’s no BTS around) to cross the river to visit Asiatique another shopping and dining complex with mini playground for kids and Wheel Ferris.


I like how the city council managed the river. Ciliwung dan Cisadane ngga mau dibuat rapih kayak gini apa ya? Or is it too late?

Chao Praya from the bridge

Night View from Asiatique

Chao Praya from Lhong1919

Had dinner here, it is a challenge to get back to hotel at 10 pm. Compare to Singapore, aksesibilitasnya untuk public transportation masih kalah jauh. Jadi repot, tapi males pake TukTuk. Supirnya pada rese sama turis (katanya).

We took taxi but the driver refused to use argometer. This was the least unpleasant experience. Tapi ngga mahal mahal amat. Ternyata ada bus langsung ke SIAM.

As for the bus, not all are new like Trans Jakarta, but it used tap and the door automatically closed.

No, Kopaja and Metromini on the main road but they do stop only in the designated place. Bukan suka suka aja behentinya. di Jalan Jendral Sudirman kopaja kaleng masih ada lhoo)

Main expenses :

  • Taxi from DMK to Siam + toll fee : Baht 200 + 70
  • Rabbit card : 100 baht for card, 100 baht for top up. Card is not refundable.
  • Grab Cars to Chao praya around 100 Baht per trip.
  • Makan/ngopi dan jajan lain kan tergantung selera yaa :)?

I started to like the city.

6 thoughts on “Bangkok Trip : Sawasdee Ka!

  1. Benar banget … Bangkok itu bagiku nggak jauh beda kotanya dengan Jkt tapi lebih manusiawi heheheh — ( plus bedanya nggak ada sungai seluas Bangkok)
    Pas di Bangkok pernah naik bus semacam patas 45 jurusan Kp rambutan – grogol, tapi meskipun butut busnya bersih dan bebas asap rokok serta ada bel nya klo mo turun πŸ™‚

  2. I found Bangkok fascinating but also very chaotic (more than China!) and pretty dirty. The traffic was crazy… and I’m saying this as someone who’ve been to several SE Asian and Asian countries!

    I think taxi drivers in Thailand are notoriously stubborn, they almost NEVER use the meter!

    • If compare to singapore, yes, it’s more chaotic πŸ™‚ you’d visited KL too. Yet, the city slightly better compare to our capital city, in term of infrastructure:)
      And yes, the taxis here (in jakarta) are using meters thanks God πŸ™‚

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