Lampung Trip : back to the South

A.k.a Tang(erang) Sel(atan)

We went for a short run again, exploring the other side. Ira lived here during her first 18 years, so she was reminiscing her old days, her school and place where she practiced her swim (she is a good swimmer).

Pahoman Swimming Pool

Remind me, I have to go back to my swim class again, sudah absent dari bulan Mei.

We run for a purpose, Mie Ayam Lampung for breakfast.

Mie ayam Lampung and fresh orange juice

We already stopped by yesterday, too bad the line was too long.

Return to hotel, packing, and check out heading for a (modern) coffee shop. I think This chain coffee-shop is only serve in Lampung.

Had lunch outskirt the city, Cek Mat who provide all-fish-dishes. Heaven!

Udang Bakar, Ikan Belida and Patin Baung for Lunch

We met the owner, who greeted his customers also clean up the table by himself. To make sure all tables are clean before another guests coming.

Then we had to bid farewell to the city, 2 hours drive to Pelabuhan Bakauheni.

Unfortunately, we (again) had horrible experience for ferry boat. Urgh! This one is smaller to compare to the other day, yet more passengers. AC is not working too.

I climbed at the upper deck, people smoke everywhere though there is designated smoking area and threw rubbish everywhere. Yahh kalo kelen masih sengsara, keknya kumengerti. Gw sampe pungutin tuh botol plastik sendiri deh. Gemes!

Ngemper Jek! Di dalam panas

Jikalau kelen menggerutu commutting dengan Taksaka, percayalah, hidup 7 jam di kereta with reliable schedule lebih enak daripada 2.5 jam menyebrang laut :)) dan antri keluar kapal 45 menit.

Approaching Merak Port

Anyway, I stayed in Sheraton Hotel, and had this mark in my room.

I’m puzzled, I don’t remember I have signed any hotel member or alike. I always chose the lowest price of course! For this one, I paid for the same price with my friends but better view.

Then I remember, during my business trip, the company set this hotel for the accommodation. hahahahah.

Ada benernya juga isi isi form, otomatis nama saya sudah ada, regardless who paid for the room. Manyanlahh…rejeki. Biar ngga upgrade kamar, at least you’ll have better room view…if that matters.

Room view

Time for laundry, 10-step-skin care and ngejar commuter line besok pagiiii!!

Until my next trip!

Where to go next?

5 thoughts on “Lampung Trip : back to the South

  1. Mba kiky berarti aku lumayan beruntung ya pas nyebrang ke bakauheni lampung dari merak. Kapal yang aku naikin lumayan ga gitu rame, trus kami dapet duduk dan AC-nya berasa. Kalo ga salah emang harus bayar ekstra si, tp worth it kok.

    Aku ke Lampung tahun 2006 kalo ga salah, ikut rombongan pengantin calon suami temenku wkwkwk. Yang aku inget cuma pindang meranjatnya dan martabak mesir yang kubeli dari resto padang hehe. Ga adventurous banget yah, namanya juga rookie traveler dulu 😁

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