Lampung Trip – Elephant Can Remember

Lampung Trip – Elephant Can Remember

The Jersey

I woke up this morning with a purpose, I had to do morning run in this hilly city. Owww those hills are killer!

And anyway, Yes, you’re right! We went to Way Kambas National Park this morning, via Metro. i think this is the second largest city in Lampung. Road trip took 2.30 hours. More or less.

We already bought our lunch in the city – the famous Ayam Bergadang – since there are no restaurant at National Park.

The Enterance Gate

Arrived near noon, and since it’s quite far, even from Bandar Lampung, there were not so many visitors.

Male Elephant! How do I know??

We bought a ticket to do jungle tracking for 30 mins. It’s scary! Yet fun!

Elephant Ride

During tracking, we met, a Erin, 4-year-old-elephant that lost her trunk. Our guide told us, she got trapped by the local who wanted to turn her “home” into Palm Plantation.

Fortunately, the ranger could save her, otherwise she might got killed, like her mother.

Human – some said they are the most dangerous creature on earth.

Poor Erin

After we had our lunch by the pool – where the elephants take their bath – then witnessing they had fun in water.

one of them without the guide, ran away, but her front legs were chained, so she wont run far. She was very hungry she kept looking for food even on the rubbish ban! Gee.

But #1 could pat her!

Lost and Hungry Elephant

We cancel our trip to Pungug Raharjo, too late. Teman saya Iin juga bilang kemarin, tempat menarik di propinsi ini berjauhan satu sama lain. Mungkin kalau sudah ada jalan yang memadai waktu tempuh jadi lebih cepat ya. Negara sebegini kaya, kalah saing dengan Thailan atau Malaysia karena infrastructure-nya. Tapi tadi saya ada lihat, pembangunan ruas jalan tol di dekat Metro. Semoga memangkas waktu tempuh antar kota di Sumatra ini.

Too bad this “rich” country couldnt compete its tourism business with neighborhood countries due to the infrastructure.

We were heading back to Bandar Lampung and saw Durian Seller! Dapat salam dari Liptor! There goes my cholesterol.

King of Fruits. Either you like it or hate it

PS :

  • Enterance Fee WayKambas National Park : IDR 5,000/person + IDR 10,000/car
  • Parking IDR 10,000
  • elephant Jungle Tracking 30 mins : IDR 150,000 for Indonesia, foreigner IDR 250,000/person.
  • One hour jungle tracking IDR 250,000/person for Indonesian.

2nd PS : The title is the book by Agatha Christie published in 1972. i read the book, but I forgot the story.

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