Lampung Trip : Snorkeling until you drop

We spent the day, by island hopping, to the famous Pulau Pahawang via Pantai Klara, just across the TNI AL complex ( Indonesia’s Marinir)

With a rented boat and snorkeling equipments.

we were sailing again, island hopping and arrived at Pulau Pahawang.

For the only purpose..snorkeling.

heading Pulau Pahawang

And another spot at “Taman Nemo” – this where you can find Nemo – from Finding Nemo the movie.

A floating warung! Can you spot POP MIE?

snorkeling in near Pahawang Island

I don’t have an underwater camera…but hope you can picture beautiful school of fishes, colorful ones, beautiful corals.

both Pahawang and Kolam Nemo had several “instagramable properties” under the water. there were two bicycle wrecks, even a mannequin, and funny writings like

“jangan iri gw liburan di Pahawang

Feeling Pentagon

We had lunch in Pahawang Besar, a very humble lunch cooked by local, with a great view ever! Berasa di Itali Selatan ya?

Our Humble Lunch

Then sailed again to Pulau Kelagian Besar, an uninhabited island, except for these dogs. This is a training ground for Indonesia Marinir.

Actually there were four dogs

In total we spent 7 hours for this trip. Itu aja kurang puassssss!

After arriving back at Pantai Klara, took a shower then we were heading to new instagramable spot, Muncak Teropong Laut, looking out Teluk Lampung.

Teluk Lampung Look Out

Too bad it was cloudy.

We had dinner at the famous Nasi Uduk Toha.

Later, I met my High School friend, who I havent seen since graduate (I doubt tho, is that that long not seeing each other). She had live in this city since early 2000’s. She made cakes! Kalau ada yang tinggal di Lampung mau pesan kue, bisa lewat blio.

Long time no see high school buddy

Iin suggested me to visit Pantai Hiu, too bad it’s too far.

pantai Hiu, taken by iin

PS: today expenses (buat yang planning ke sini ya)

  • Masuk Pantai Klara : IDR 30,000
  • Sewa kapal : IDR 500,000/boat up to 15 people. Tapi sepertinya max 10 kalo buat nyaman.
  • Konstribusi per snorkeling spot : IDR 20,000/visit. Dua spot jadinya IDR 40,000. Untuk apa? Rasanya buat bayar yang bolak balik jaga orang snorkeling deh.
  • Makan Siang : IDR 20,000 per orang- ikan bakar, ceplok telor, sayur asam, kerupuk! Ohhh heaven!!!
  • Sewa snorkeling equipment : IDR 50,000/orang
  • Tiket Masuk Muncuk Teropong Laut : IDR 5,000/orang + parkir mobil IDR 5,000.

2nd PS : TNI Angkatan Laut ini kalo latihan renang, full suits with helmet and gun, plus army boot! my Got! Berat bener pasti.

Marinir On training under scorching sun

5 thoughts on “Lampung Trip : Snorkeling until you drop

  1. It looks so pretty! Thank you for making me discover this part of the world 🙂

    *Underwater cameras suck, most of the time… you didn’t lose anything!!)

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