Lampung Trip : crossing the island

Hello world! Wie geht dir?

Ira – my friend who resides in Saudi Arabia – has her homecoming trip and last two weeks asked us to join her to Lampung. road trip, I said yes, so is Vitri.

Then I totally forget about everything until two days ago, we hadn’t book a hotel. But then again, Lampung probably isn’t famous like Bali (?), finally we managed to book room during this school holiday.

So, this morning, we drove off to Merak Port then – for me – this is my very first time crossing the island from Pulau Jawa to Sumatra by ferry, Merak – Bakauheni. Although I was born in Sumatra, visited parents hometown couple of time, I (we)?never did road trip. 😀

I was expecting clean, cozy ferry, secretly hope that those sea services are transforming like PT Kereta Api Indonesia too. I was wrong.

I saw obsolete seats, tap is not working, some parts quite dirty and I wonder how bad it will be during Mudik Hari Raya.

Yes we do!

Anyway, we paid for another room they called it “lesehan” cost IDR 12,000/person. i tried to get some sleep, I failed.I walked around the ferry

The cars

Trip to Bakauheni, Lampung, took 2 hours.

Too bad the sky was cloudy.

Kece ya gw dari belakang? :-))

At 2 pm, we arrived at Bakauheni. This is my first trip to Lampung— kalau tidak salah provinsi ke 20 Republik Ini yang saya sudah kunjungi– strange, I was born in Pulau Sumatra :))

The new toll road, only 7K

Had lunch near by, another 2 hours drive we arrived at Bandar Lampung, ibukota provinsi.

And finally, I can taste Bakso Soni on its origin place. Sooooo many visitors, ntah kayak apalah kalau lebaran.

Semangkok Kebahagian
It is said now the city has a signature snack (like Medan with the famous Bolu Gulung) a banana cake, we bought ones, but didnt taste that special for me.

We had seafood for dinner. i love my country for this. Sooo many good food where ever I am going!

I need some rest now, planning to see the beach tomorrow!

Yes, this “live-journal”

Tried to update during my trip, not after!

10 thoughts on “Lampung Trip : crossing the island

  1. jeleknya feri ini sampe dibahas di Kompas
    buruk banget lah ASDP
    mungkin Jonan perlu jadi Menhub lagi nih buat ngebenerin ASDP

  2. These oysters look exactly like the ones in Brittany, France! Funny, considering it’s a very different part of the world.

    Boy, that’s a vintage ship 😆

    • The comment above said, the ferry is being criticized by national newspaper. Nice info abt the oyster too! Hahaha not all sea-fishes look the same

  3. Teringat naik kapal ferry dari Bakauheni jadinya …
    Menyenangkan juga ya,kak.
    Cuman saat itu gelombang lagi pasang, kapal jadi naik turun ngikuti gelombang besar … ada takut dan seru juga ngrasainnya 😁

  4. Gw tiap lebaran ke Lampung karena mertua tinggal di sana.
    Yes, urusan ferry ini memang nyebelin.
    It’s been ages tapi kondisinya ga berubah.
    Jorok, kotor, panas.
    Enggak bangetlah 😦

  5. […] Karena tinggal di PKU, justru lebih sering naik pesawat ke Singapur kala itu. Liburan kesana jauh lebih murah dibanding ke Jakarta. Later on, lumayan seringlah naik pesawat, naik Foker 27 juga beberapa kali, ATR juga pernah (pesawat baling-baling). Even ke Jogja, ibu saya yang suka mabok darat ya memilih naik pesawat. Malah, pengalaman saya nyebrang Pulau Jawa ke Sumatra naik ferry pertama kali ya…pas ke Lampung tahun 2018. […]

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