Story from Primary School three decades later

oh my, such a long title!

Anyway, last two Ramadhan, I wrote about my most memorable Ramadhan . One of them is when I went to Catholic School and had to do “Retreat” or Retret in Indonesia, during Ramadhan. Long Story short, I was invited to my Primary School whatsapp group about a year ago.  Sebenarnya itu grup SMP, dimana masih satu yayasan dengan SD saya. Tapi karena orangnya itu itu juga, yang disamain aja grupnya. 

One of them turn 40 last May, she made a little celebration by inviting old friends and teachers on Ifthor time. She’s not a muslim but she wanted all her friends to come.

After 3 decades later, I finally met the humble Ibu Elizabeth – our Catholic Study Teacher! One who woke us for Sahoor during retreat and dismiss us for Ifthor in the middle of mass. I said thank you for her patient, there were 8 of us (moslem students), and she woke us one by one.  And she replied

sudah kewajiban saya. Dosa donk saya kalau ngga bangunin kalian. Itu kan kewajiban agama kalian” – That was my obligation, it would be my sin, if I didn’t wake you up. (fasting) is mandatory in your religion…she said.

How I was very happy, to see her as healthy as I remembered her, 28 years ago.

Bu Elizabeth and I

Happy to reconnect with them again! 

There we are, my friend who played tak jongkok, galasin, hide and seek, main karet, kasti, etc during our recess time, or simple stepping each other foot and said “Sepatu Baru Nih yeee – kenalan donk” – every time we found our friends had new shoes.

owh, kids grew up in 80’s! 

Ms Elizabeth is the one of the far right wearing pink.

4 thoughts on “Story from Primary School three decades later

  1. This is very cool and it’s how it should be. Tolerance! I’m an atheist and I love hearing people telling me about their faith (as long as they don’t try to convince me I’ll burn in hell :lol:).

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