Kansai Trip : what I did and I did it wrong

One of them…. The Clothes!

As a tropical kid, I used to think living in 4-season-countries is very nice. You got to see leaves change color, longer day time in Summer, snow in winter, etc. when I arranged back my family photo album during road trip in the Northern Globe – in chronicle order – I easily put these stack to that, base on what clothes we were wearing.

when I came back to 4-season-country decades later, I forgot that every season might required different clothes.

What did effect me? I ‘wasted’ my money in Universal studio Japan.

Other thing, I forgot to purchase Express Pass, I took for granted to the fact that is was still new year holiday.

So tips for me

  • Yes, it may cost another JPY 6,000 (?) for 5-ride- express pass, but for high season, it is all worth it! It took 2.5 hrs queue to hop in famous ride such as Harry Potter, Spider Man, Minion, Flying Dragon, etc. what a waste of time! Yaaa tapi balik lagi ke masing-masing netijen yeeees! πŸ˜‰
  • Do pay attention to the weather forecast, wether it’d be raining or shining on your chosen day. I know, thing I care nothing about since I live in tropical country. Fortunately, the weather was nice on my schedule.
  • Btw, I bought the ticket earlier in Klook.com and it gave me 10% discount.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, I cursed that I only take my boots with me :-/
  • I thought Uniqlo heat-tech was sufficient to deal with the cold, as it was fine during my Europe trip…teheeeee! I was in Europe for Autumn with low double digit temperature, forget that on winter, it goes to Single Digit (the lowest was 2 degrees, but still —- mind you, I live in tropical country almost all my life). I suppose to buy the Extra Warm Heat Teach from Uniqlo for both top and pants rather than counting on the regular one.
  • I didn’t have proper breakfast, so after waiting for 2.5 hrs for Harry Potter ride, I-threw – up! Gosh! I got severe headache!
  • The rest of the day went miserable, I couldn’t take another ride, I had to wait for my kids…waiting with not-so-proper clothes for winter (crap) during winter (double crap)!
  • waiting in cafe is not really a good option since …a cup hot chocolate cost Yen 500-600. Bangkrut maleeeeh!
  • My day was horrible!
  • When I asked my kid to go home around 5pm (it was dark already) they wanted to try Flying Dragon when the ride goes upside down! Na’ah! I didn’t want to do it!

This is how it looks like.

  • We were in serious debate, then…I heard a language I know! there were 3 young Indonesia female seems (almost) half of age, twice as my son’s age, discussing these ride as well. One of them Ira, wanted to go for a ride, her two friends refused. I – being sok akrab – greeted them and asked:

mbak, ngga ada teman kan boleh titip anak anak saya yaaa?” πŸ˜€

  • Of course, she nooded. Those girls work for Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan, (I talked to the other two while waiting) from different cities in this country, take a break before they rolled for another months of training. I envy generasi millenial!
  • Then spending another 2.5 misserable hours waiting for my kids :-/
  • We (they) didnt ride Minion, I was too tired, suffered nausea, cant bear the cold In short, I was a bit sick and forget to bring Minyak Kayu Putih :-/

But at least kids (of course) were happy, that was the second time for #1 back to Universal Studio the park and third time for #2.


The kids with Ira. Terima Kasih Ira! Dimudahkan semua urusan-urusanmu kelak ya! Amin!

Kalau mau sholat, pinter pinter cari pojokan aja ya πŸ™‚

Anyway, if you’re wondering, that is the reason why I chose Namba Area to stay.

  • My dad didn’t come with us to USJ. He can’t take the extreme rides of course. So he spent day by strolling Dountoburi Area. Buka JasTip harusnya bapakku! Hahahah. If I chose other area, I’m afraid he might get lost getting around with train.
  • Namba Station is the closest Big Station to Kansai International Airport. We only spent our trip in Kansai, thus we don’t need JR Pass/ Shinkansen. Too expensive.
  • Jadi kalau mobilitasnya pakai Shinkansen, mungkin sebaiknya pilih yang dekat Shin Osaka- atau Osaka Station.

8 thoughts on “Kansai Trip : what I did and I did it wrong

  1. I like the idea of doing a “post mortem” (not sure how common this expression is outside the federal government in Ottawa!) of your travel experience. I can imagine the pain of packing the wrong clothes, not being warm enough! It happened to me a few times, briefly, when flying. For instance, I’d fly wearing shorts and a t-shirt because I’m going from one warm place to another, but I forget that air-con in airports can make me shiver for hours… not fun!

  2. Alhamdulillah bulan lalu gue masih terselamatkan dari dinginnya Tokyo cuma bermodalkan heat teach dari si Uniqlo dan jaket bulu pendek πŸ™‚ Tapi tetap reaksi alerginya timbul walau cuma sedikit syukurnya πŸ˜€

  3. astaga aku mules liat vidonya wkwkwk….apalagi dingin banget itu cuaca kan ya, apa gak berasa ditampar-tampar itu mukanya?! aku ke USJ tujuannya cuma ke Harry Potter, abis main itu rasanya puas, trus udah ga pengen main apa-apa lagi….sia-sia ya 900rb x)))

  4. Now I can comment, Ky heheee…
    Waiting is not always fun, n not having proper clothes when it’s cold, is miserable. But as long as the kids were happy, God bless you mamih Kiky πŸ™‚
    Why am I still not interested to go to Universal Studio? Hmm.

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