Kansai Trip : Sayonara Kyoto

Where were we?

Ah, we bid farewell to Ueda-san after we had toast and coffee for breakfast.

That what she wrote for us, in case you can read Huruf Kanji.

Then dragging our luggage back to Kyoto Station, and put them in locker. We need two lockers and paid with our Icoca Card. That was my first time storing my luggage in locker, and no worry, the direction is very clear.

Then we proceed to next destination, Fushimi Inarii, famous with thousand Torii up to Mt Inari! Yes, what I just knew, it is actually trip to the mountain not only shrine! Train stops exactly in front of this tourism spot, I love watching the officers yelling/navigating the people in station. just like those caricature I read in Kariage-kun comics!

Since it was New Year Holiday all I see is peopleeeeeee! Lots lots of them! Anyway, there are 7 stages to the top of Inarii, most of my friends only went to second stage (one with double Torii) but we made it to the third stage where the Sinto Cemetery is. slight snow fell, and I was sooo happy! Finally, I saw snow again!

#2 insisted that we should climb to the top, I was too tired, the boots are not suitable to hike the mountain of course, and we (I) still wanted to stop at Kiyomizudera. It was also on winter, and I promised him we’ll be back on Autumn when the weather suppose to be nicer (for these tropical kids).

We walk down the Torii, enjoyed the quite shrine (until second stage). Before taking train, we bought a lot of snacks! Oh em gee, Japanese Snack is the best I told you! Sweet and savory, all tasteful! Nothing failed so far!

PS : bulatan yang saya tandai itu, orang orang nyebrang rel. dari kereta saya sempat liat, mereka buat 3-4 baris teratur sekali dan membiarkan sisi sebelah kiri mereka kosong, untuk membiarkan orang dari sebrang lewat. Pernah baca sih, orang orang Jepang ini memang sangat memikirkan kepentingan orang lain juga. Kalo di Tanah Abang, lintasan tersebut penuh dengan motor, menutupi ruas jalan! So sad!

Anyway, I stopped at the next station, figuring out a bus stop to take us to Kiyomizudera. I got confused and….

Me : sumimasen ( excuse me), where is it? *showing a bus stop in my handphone*

Her : etoo…ano…hmmm, no English! come with me!

She took us to the desired bus stop. Domu Arigato Ghozaimasu Mina-chan!

It took around 25 mins to the closest bus stop, 15 mins up hill walk to reach Kiyomizudera. We had lunch near by…Thanks God, my dad was all good with all those walkings! Alhamdulilah Ya Allah!

PS : kalau ke sini sekeluarga, sekali makan bisa 3000-4000 yen (for four people) termasuk pajak. Saat saya di Jepang 1 yen = 121 – 122 Rupiah. Saat saya menulis ini 1 yen = 130 Rupiah 😦 oh btw, ini tidak termasuk jajan ya! Duh!

And Thanks God, it was light snow rain when we were there! Seeing snow again for almost 30 years made me happy! Hahahahah! I asked dad to take my picture. Those who lives or often travelled to where the heavy snow must be laughing at me! ya maap, nih anak Tangsel norak! Last time I saw snow was in Colorado! Hahahahah.

Too bad we had no time to rent Kimono and walk around Gion District. I cant believe 3 days were not enough. Then we took bus again, back to Kyoto station, picked up the luggage back and headed for Osaka.

I realize I ran out of money – kebanyakan jajan, ngga dihitung pas kalkulasi biaya- and I withdrew Cash in 7 ATM (same group with 7 eleven)

Later on when I checked my account, exchange rate was actually cheaper via ATM rather than money changer in Jakarta. Oh well! Good for me! Hahahahh!

When the train left, I was sad! This town is soooo beautiful. I was in awe with its beauty.

Sayonara Kyoto! See you in Autumn!

We took commuter train (not Shinkansen / JR rail trains) lucky the boy got the seat. Train was full. He was tired I guess :))

Travel time with bullet train took 15 mins while it took 30 mins for us arrive at Osaka Station and another 10 mins to Namba Station, where our Air BnB was.

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