KL Trip

When I paid a visit to Gai’s house, I asked mbak Lala, my former colleague to come with me. she said yes.

Long story short, few mins before the plane land, I told her my brief schedule so she can decide whether she wanted to join me or not.

She picked Mesjid Negara and Chinatown.

I told her, alright then. We could visit Mesjid Negara after we arrived and Chinatown before we’d leave. Both are within LRT areas and I never been to those places before.

Then I asked

Loe udah pernah mbak? Ke Chinatown sebelumnya?”

“Udah yang Di Singapur.”

“yang di KL maksud gw! Gw belum pernah kayaknya deh”

She shook head…then she said

“Ini pertama kali….gw pertama kali ke KL”

GUBRAK! Bahahahhahah

i was quite surprise because…my previous company’s head quater is in KL!

“Masak kantor ngga pernah ngirim elo?”

“Ngga pernah! Singapur paling”

Anyway, I must admit, KL is soo much better and convenient than the last time I visited this city.

Here, in case you never been to this city,

  • only took RM 110 for return trip using KLIA express to KL sentral
  • You can drop your luggage in a locker, available in KL Sental. RM 50 for 24 hr for big locker, RM 30 for smaller one.
  • The KLIA express ticket could be use for LRT, MRT, for 48 hrs. FREE! That was why we paid a visit to Niza’s neighborhood. 30 mins from Bukit Bintang.
  • Using Grab service is hazel less too!

So, after dropping our luggage, we took LRT to

We visited, of course


Inside Mesjid NegaraExterior

then take another train to ..ya mana lagi lahh…

And the next day I had my morning run nearby Aster’s house

So, after dropping our luggage for the second time before we left for Jakarta, we paid a visit to

Little India

Then took train again to

PS: karena ini sudah hari ketiga, we paid for train fee.

Lala’s happy face, finally she has picture with the head quater on the back. That is Lapangan Merdeka, btw. not too far from Mesjid Negara and 8 mins walk from Central market. Below this, on the underground, there is a shopping centre in case pengen ngadem. Panas boooo!

So what I have in my mind

Duh, PR Jakarta banyak banget yaa! Ibukota negara lain sudah rapih gini infrastrukturnya, nyaman buat warga maupun pengunjung!

Ya toh? Tidak usah dibandingkan dengan Singapur atau Tokyo, sama sama negara Melayu banyak ketinggalan ih. Ayo kerja…kerja…kerja! 😀 #eh

Anyway, saya merasa banyak pahala ngajak Lala ke KL karena ini trip pertamanya!

6 thoughts on “KL Trip

    • Yang di bawah ya Mall mas. Tower isinya kantor. Nah, saya sendiri belum pernag sampe di tengah itu hehehehe sudah 4x ke KL sejak Menara Petronas ini berdiri

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