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Beginner’s luck


I – in my whole life – always dream to fly to USA again. Well ya sort of! Not really working on it though :))

Then I was thinking, why not doing another marathon? In a World Major Marathon event.

A reason to have another race-cation. Also considering Berlin Marathon 2015 was my last marathon.

But previously, I tried my luck with London, hoping I could take my dad with me and we would have our pic together in a place where he took me once, failed

well ja, I – too – had tried my luck with Tokyo, the most affordable WMM from Indonesia.

And today, I received another rejection letter.

Argh! I did have beginner luck for Berlin! There must be the reason :))

Or probably the universe is telling me to save the money, I guess 🙂

Or may beeee….should I sign up for NYC Marathon? Wishing that I’ll get the ballot!

Neaaaaahhhhu! It’s expensive!!