When in Rudeloffweg

I had rendang, nasi putih and sayur bening for dinner during my Europe trip, two years ago. yes, in that house. Stand at Rudeloffweg street.

The couple welcomed us very warm as if we were their long lost niece. Far from what written in media.

At dinner, I sat next to the mister and we talked a lot from refugees, living cost and simple thing like where the mrs had the groceries.

“Tambah lagi (nasi dan lauk) nak! om nanti saja!”

*malu malu minta digampar dalam hati menjerit senang*

“Ah om tau saja, saya lapar*

And when I was about to leave , put on my coat and walk to the back door I asked

“Kalau winter dinginnya kayak apa Om?”

“Ya lebih dingin dari inilah. Halaman ini putih semua biasanya. mampir lagi lah pas winter”

Jaa, I wish

Well, it was obviously not granted :))

And i wonder, if I ever go back to the city again, will I able to have sayur lodeh and pepes peda in that house for dinner?

Because they’ll come home. Tugas mereka sebagai wakil bangsa hampir selesai. Back to tanah air.


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