Impulsive Trip : Rangkasbitung

A little question, who know this kota kabupaten exist??

Well I do, but for two reasons :

  • My family had helpers more than a decade ago, and they live here
  • Yes, they took train from Rangkasbitung Station to our house. People used the Kereta Rangkaian Diesel or we said it Kereta Rakyat Djelata. It was an economic train back in that time, sharing a compartment with goats and chicken. It was a horrible, smelly, dirty, devastated train…back in that time! I did commute with that train every now and then on emergency basis from Palmerah to Sudimara to save time.

Apart from that, zip, zero, nothing, nada! I only know the city from the announcer in train station.

It was two week ago, my childhood friend paid me a visit to Bintaro and she wanted to try commuter line! And owh, early this year, KRD is no longer exist. All those old trains (it was manufactured in early 1900’s) were replaced with Commuter Line. not all the schedule has trip to Rangkas tho. long story short, we only spend like one hour in Rangkasbitung since we took 4 pm train before going back to Tangsel (and Jakarta for Inong). I bought Rambutan and Salak one Kg each in near by pasar tumpah and it cost less than IDR 50,000 for me.

And yesterday, I paid another visit again with a former colleague who also lives in Bintaro.

Hell yeah, it only take 1.5 hr from Bintaro and IDR 6,000 (less than 1 SGD, 2 Malaysian Ringgit, 50 cents USD), per trip. What do we have to lose? 😉

I learn, unexpectedly, view after Parungpanjang Station was nice. With paddy field, here and there. I even wondering whether I am able to have trail run in those small cities? Not too far from the station and the back again.

Daru, a small station two stops after Parungpanjang. nice track to run I suppose.

So, yesterday, I learn that this city just opened a museum next to Library. Both are new and fully renovated.

Just take angkot for 5 mins or walk for 15 mins, stoped at Alun-alun. We opted for the first one, man it was 33 degrees!

Kaki si Lala

Had dzuhur pray first in its Mesjid Agung.

And the museum lies just a cros the mosque.

Without googling it, or peeking your history book,does anybody know Multatuli?

And the bad news was…both the museum and library were closed! I can understand the library, but the museum? On Saturday? Eh! c’mmon!

Padahal katanya nargetin pengunjung 500 rb tahun ini, atulah bu bupati! 😦

I wish I can do something about this! Wasn’t it common practice the museums close on Monday? I asked those teenagers in the pic, one of them said the museum open on Sunday until 10 am only.

Ah ya bener aja atuhlah bu bupati!! Semoga sementara ya! Btw, ada yang tau cerita bupati Lebak ini ngomel-ngomel marahin anak buahnya? Way it go, Ibu Bupati! 😀

Anyway, We had lunch near by, and it only cost IDR 75,000 in a decent restaurant. Oh em gee! Gw post di IG story gw.

We took train back to Tangsel at 3.10pm.

Little that I know, this small city played an imporant role during Dutch Collonial era. this train station was built in 1900 as a supporting dispatcher to transport harvest and crops!

Local goverment a.k.a PemDa must do something to keep this building as original as possible!

There’s always something we can do, besides going to Pondok Indah Mall 😉 on weekend (or any other public holiday)

Buat #kelasmenengahngehe sub-urban, banyak lho yang bisa dilakukan selain nongkrong di PIM. Sudah dibenahi pelan-pelan kok sama pemerintah, manfaatin donk! 😉 ngga mahal kan?

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