Recipe : burger patty

Simple recipes from snack box (or lunch)

Recipe by Imel @partonbakery

Burger Patty

Ground beef 400-500gram



Garlic powder –> saya pakai 2 siung bawang putih parut

Cayenne/paprika powder –> saya pakai bon cabe

Bread crumbs

Flax seeds optional

Worcestershire/soy sauce 1T

Minyak 2T

Bawang bombay 1 iris iris

Keju parut

Semuanya kira kiraaa hahahhaha! Saya pakai sisa sia saja yang ada di kulkas

How to :

Mix all together

form into Hamburger Shape, make 10 hamburgers similar with mc Donald’s size

Grilled/ fry in teflon (I used happy call) without oil. until cooked

Less than 30 mins!

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