Dear Prince Harry

Dear Prince Harry,

on Early May,

 I entered a world major marathon ballot (yes, of course, the ONE in your country)

Actually, it was my second attempt to do so.

I-100%- believe that winners are randomly chose from all over the world.

But in case you read this…yeah, I’d like to go back there again.

From anywhere in this world I’d live next April. 

With my oldman (similar to what I did in Paris) and Will be taking  the same picture at the same spot.

i really 
Hope my pray come true (and I have the budget to do so!)

PS : Gimana kabar Oma? Sehat?

Happy Monday all!

Let’s be Positive aja kitaaaa….! Dan kalo ngayal harus menyeluruh melibatkan orang orang yang kita sayangi!

YIhaaaa….#halusinasi #ngayalbabu

Update: my bad, above passage was inpired by my dearest Malaysian fellow runner, @harrishusni 

6 thoughts on “Dear Prince Harry

  1. Oo, loe ngefansnya sama Prince Harry ya? Kalo gue ma abangnya 😁😁😁 England is also in my wish list countries ❤❤❤ Semoga impian loe untuk bisa lari di sana terkabul ya, Ky 🙏🙏🙏

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