So called pay it forward

I am suffering from PLantar fasciitis since last March. But only last week I visited the doctor. I have to undergo 5 therapy.

Last night

I was 45 mins late for my second therapy *thanks to CL unreliable schedule earlier*

Desperately begging mbak Icha- the admission officer – to push whoever in charge, give me a slot – 15 mins before they (suppose to) closed their service.

Fortunately, therapist in charge agree which means she’d be late for home. She was still very friendly. 

Secretly pray these two ladies dimudahkan rejekinya, bahagia dan awet muda selalu dan dikabulin semua keinginanya yang orang2x ngga pernah tau...🙏🏽☺️

And I made promise, I’ll reduce my ramblings, ngomel-ngomel,, when a credit application with ”


due date tomorrow” 

stamp arrive at my desk at 5 pm! 😛


Because I believe what comes around goes around 😬

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