i’ve been doing sport since I was a kid (swimming course twice a week, softball, basket ball) but never do it seriously. Just to kill my ABG time (I lived with my parents and they had two helpers, nafff said!)
Anyway,i’ve done races here and there since 5 years ago. and as I read my late post, how I conquer my first 10K race, then my virgin Half Marathon, the Triathlon then Marathon … i went like

“Ya elahh Ky…10K aja meni lebay pisan!”

 segala takut kram, kepanasan, dll dll.

the night before my first 10K, I cant sleep.   macam anak SD mau dharmawisata saat itu. Too overwhelming. 

yang sudah ikut half ironman race waktu saya posting race pertama  10K ngikik kali ya? (Anyone?)
Aber so, if I read my virgin triathlon race recap, still somehow I am proud of myself. bihiksss…
I only had my bike for 3 months, never been on open water trail until one day before race day, not using cleat for my bike, yet…I managed to squeeze the obstacles. Not in good timing, of course! But still! Do Count any female with hijab doing Triathlon on that year 😉 

And owh, there are several races that I also met my readers. ” sikiky ya” For instance. Bahahahahha

Ish…bangga bukan main sayah! #disambitbidon.

Owh well, I didn’t join race as much as I did in 2013-2014, however…I set my bar higher a little bit.  I am competing with my old me, not with anybody else.

Itu yang saya lakukan di Jogja minggu lalu…
I secretly wanted to do cycling tour since the first time I took my Giant TCR home with me.

Picture taken from TdA Facebook page. i was one of the people in red jersey! 

more story later! 

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