Bandung Trip – Last day 

Day 3
I woke up with a purpose, run the entire Jalan Juanda a.k.a Dago which means I run all the way up….and ended my run in the famous kupat tahu Gempol (a mix of rice cake, tofu, sprout beans showered my peanut sauce) as well as Roti Gempol which is located behind the Kupat Tahu .

It was also a nice decision, the air was even cooler, and I saw a pretty neat pedestrian street. RIdwan Kamil really means what he said when he became city major : “memanusiakan Kota Bandung”

After close to Simpang Dago, I made a turn, strolling the street in Dago Area with big, beautiful old houses! i wish one of my relatives live there so I can visit or stay 😉

bagus banget ya rumah-rumah tua dan luas di Dago. 

Well, unfortunately, the famous ROti Gempol opened its store at 9 am and it was only 8-something.  so I only had Kupat Tahu Gempol for breakfast! 

To make story short,

We took 3 pm train back to Jakarta and I saw tooooooo many motorcycles in Cikampek area! Must be very macet

A bientôt, Paris….
….van java!  

2 thoughts on “Bandung Trip – Last day 

  1. Overall, it looks like a nice city. Plenty of trees as well, from what I can see. That snapshot of the map is crazy though, so many twisted roads! Much like in France I guess. In North America, we go by blocks and intersection with grid-like city planning.

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