Bandung-Day 2

i woke up early with a purpose: I must run in Bandung!
And it was a best decision ever! (Lebayy!)

the very fresh mountain breeze! pantes namanya Paris Van Java, even in 2017 where climate- global warming-issue, the air is still cool, just like spring time in sub-tropical countries. It must be even cooler back in 1800-‘s during Dutch Collonial era.

this was my route, 

Rute lari
and I took a pic with its famous landsmark, whispered : “sorry, I can’t make it for Pocari-Bandung Half Marathon the end of this month” 

The BIB recently sold, if you are wondering.

When I want to take my pic with the whole word of GEDUNG SATE, I asked pak Satpam to take my pic!  With so many visitors, they know what to do with your phone! 
“ibu diam aja di situ! jangan gerak

(Stand still, don’t move)

turn out he use “panaroma” mode to take this pic! BIg applause pak Satpam.

later, we took Grab Car service  to Hummingbird Cafe to have breakfast.

And little walk to The Heritage (factory outlet)  because #1 to do some shopping, back to hotel and went to Lina’s wedding.

Around 1 pm, Teh Molly picked us up on the wedding venue.  It was our second time meeting each other in person. We were friend from blogspot era (that was in 2006 I guess)- multiply-and although she doesn’t write anymore, yaaa masih temenan lah di Path dan instagram. She took, Trixie, her daughter with her. 

She drove us again to Happy-Go-Lucky, i wanted to buy the shoes and eat Pompidou cake again.

And of course, strolling around the city to find the famous Blue Jersey from PERSIB BANDUNG

later we had Cwie Mie for late lunch, 

belanja kain di pasar for her new handicraft items to be sold (pada tau Shibori?) and dropped us to hotel, then picked us again for dinner time.

We had Nasi Kalong, red rice cooked with herbs and stock with so many lauk pauk.

an open air restaurant runs by a family. 

i love this city for having so many independent entrepreneurs! a lot of ma-pa shops. not the franchise ones!   

Later we called off the day with Bandreks and Bajigur!

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