lebaRide and Kerbau Story

first of all! 

Taqaballahu Mina wa Minkum

How’s your Ramadhan and Eid Fitri? Don’t we enjoy one week holiday? 

This year is my third lebaran without my mom and first in our new tiny  nest. nevertheless, it is always special. My big family is welcoming a new member, since one of my cousin got hitched  5 days before Eid Fitri (yes, in Ramadhan).

Her fiancé’s mother was very ill and they decided to get married in the hospital with her brother as  a wali (their father passed away 15 years ago),  still using his doctor uniform. her mom in law passed away 5 hours after that. What a dramatic situation.

Anyway, Like any Indonesian (or may be Malaysian) do,  we were having a  family gathering on second day of Syawal. this year it was held in Serang (lucky, traffic was oke, only 1.5 hrs drive from Bintaro and 1km traffic jam before the gate).

That is a pic of us! in case you are interested, which ….I doubt! Hahahahah. 

also, probably the last pic of us in that house, because…my maktuo will likely to sell her asset. none of her children live in that city anymore.

On the third day, after I had enough with ketupat, rendang, bakso, opor ayam, etc! I need to kill those fat, then I went to Sentul again with my  bike. traffic was still  nice. i tried different route this time.

the weather was very nice.

I ride with Amanda, a mix race female, she has lived in Jakarta for quite sometime though.

then, we saw this! Yes, a group of Kerbau.

Manda yelled:

“hey look! itu sapi!”

Me : “God fordemit! Those are not sapi!  those are kerbau, you know!”

manda : “what is Kerbau in English?”

Me: *while catching my breath after series of hilly climbing* “do we have to discuss now?”

manda : “why people melihara kerbau?

Me : “dulu buat bajak sawah before the tractor era. anyway, people DO eat the (kerbau) meat!”

manda : *freak out* hahahahahahah! 

PS : Kerbau is water buffalo in English! i just remembered it today. :))

Btw, this was the route.Cyclists refer   it as “loop  besar” with approx 15km and “Ah pong loop” with approx 5km. We did two loops.



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