On the wheel…

For the past one month, I made two highlight with my road bike.
Went back to Km O – Sentul, 10Km with elevation gain 500m. The second time to  km 0 yet the first tine with my cleat on. Pertama kali sepedahan ke km 0,  3 tahun lalu belum pakai sepatu sepeda. Jadi agak ngeri ngeri sedap. Takut jatuh karena berhenti sebelum sempat melepas cleat sepeda.

it was disaster! i stopped countless time to gain my breath as well as walk instead of riding my bike for some time.

Sampai di Km 0 sudah ditungguin Imel, Vitri, Thya dan Riyana.

And to make it worst, on the way down I was terribly afraid. Takut banget, sampai saya hampir jatuh. Ketemu dua cyclits yang melihat saya hampir jatuh. Gemeterrrr rasanya. Akhirnya beberap spot yang curam, I walk down with my bicycle. Beberapa kali juga lepas pasang cleat sepeda.

Then the next two weeks

Yeah…. as stated on the picture, I made it to my first century ride a.k.a 100K. of course, it was in pleton with my BTR friends.

We just had our first cycling jersey. jadi event launching jersey baru, kita buat 100K ride di Bintaro. Macam penting aja dunia harus tau BTR punya jersey baru ….haqhaqhaq!

Anyway, of course, we didn’t do the whole 100K non stop. we had 2 stops on which the last stop I wanted to give up. MY lessson to be learned, my fueling strategy was a mess! i didn’t respect the distance. probably because I was thinking it was in Bintaro anyway, I can go home whenever I want. thing that surprised me was…

The good cyclist like Adit, Rizky, Pak Hasbi, Vitri, Maya, Imel and Sunu didn’t allow us to go give up. :)) #meh

Jadi kalau ada yang kececer, dipepet lagi suruh kejar pleton di depan.

However, the last 12 km, I gave up yet complete the remains distance by  myself. From 28-30 kph dropped to 20 kph.

Beginner tips to ride in pleton.

1. patuh sama Road Captain

2. Baris berjajar, dua cyclist in one row. jangan  nyelonong jadi orang ketiga. Bahaya

3. jangan nyusul/nyelak dibelakang.

After the ride, Pak Hasbi noticed that my gear shifting was a mess. Jadi waktu pindah pindah gigi demi memudahkan genjot sepeda, ada momen dimana saya terlambat. Sehingga kesulitan  ngejar pleton. Something wrong with my bike. i took my Giant have it serviced.

And yeah, the housing shifter, housing brake and RD pulley all worn out! i have to replace them with  new ones.

Last weekend, I climbed km 0 sentul again.

yes, I did stop here and then. But just stop to drink and wait  for Manda. Si bule agak gila. It was her first time to Km 0. i did better this time. Much better. NO nuntun sepeda this time! tepuk tangan donk! šŸ˜‰

Riding downhill still scare me. but i didn’t freak out like last month. however, pas turunan justru saya berhenti lebih banyak dari tanjakan.
Need more practice of course. But for time being, since it is Ramadhan, in trainer we trust! 

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