Because grass is always greener

At the other side of the fence..
My friend, Lyana sent me this last night. I also followed HONY on Instagram.

that post made me smile, and do read the comments too!

Some said that man/woman take his/her things for granted and suggested that person to be grateful, change the routine and do volunteering! (I was about to do the same 2 years ago) Because there are thousand of people out there want to switch place with her/him. a so-called-secure life. French is a difficult language and find a job in that country is not a walk in the park either.

Some could understand, why that person want to be the tourist of life. I read the comment section, there is an American moved to Turkey in late 90’s because she felt the same way too!

I could relate to the post! Ya kan May


7 thoughts on “Because grass is always greener

  1. in 14 years of my life (after school life) : pindah rumah/kost 10x, pindah kota 4x, pindah kerja 4x haha, intinya kayanya emang gw ga suka rutinitas Mba, dan gampang bosen, i always need that butterfly in my stomach.

    tapi we are not alone kok 😀

  2. Pindah sini aja kak.. somehow selalu ada cerita baru dalam hidup dan banyak cara buat cari Ablenkung kalo udah mulai bosen. Udah mau 5 tahun disini dan alhamdulillah belum bosen hehehe

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