In case….

You don’t have my mobile phone number, this is my current profile picture😂

Zen Moment #blessed

i was in Gunung Geulis, Ciawi last weekend. my boss sent me for a training. the hotel is new, many corporate events took place over there (soalnya banyak banget teman teman di Path check in di sini).

the best part of the hotel, was the yoga session. 

imagine, mulai jam 6 pagi, matahari baru bersinar.  samar-samar sinarnya menyentuh kulit. fresh air, warm sun. IT was such a beautiful day, no silver clouds. when suhu asked us to lay down, clear blue sky was above us! thing I barely see in Tangsel and Jakarta.


Can you guess which one is me?

Tree Pose

(Trying to do) warrior pose


NO need comment on Yoga Pose, we are vewyyyy vewyyyy beginnner 😀 
Second best thing?

the pool! 

Easy like Sunday Morning





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