Urlaub: Die Insel der Götter

Well yeah, I just got back from Amed (that is in east Bali, people!) to celebrate Chinese New Year and life..#hasekkk

It is less popular tourist destination compare to Legian, Ubud, Nusa Dua or else. 
i was telling myself, no trip to Bali within next years, but when I read May’s post, I changed my mind. I made sure that room would be available first, then I booked my flight.

I rarely struck any traveler’s review at first read. very impulsive! life is surely good when you’re ada duit dan si boss ijinin cuti! Agree?

From the window


aquaterrace bed and breakfast itself took 3 hours drive from Ngurah Rai airport (you can arrange this pick up service) undulating road unfortunately, cloudy days. The driver who picked me up at the airport wasn’t so keen to talk so I better shut my mouth.
Arrive at 5 pm greeted by not so intense rain and enjoy the rest of the night, by watching the sea shore, read novel at the balcony and had dinner at the Aquaterrace’s restaurant.

Quite beach

next day, after I had my breakfast (with a sea view!), I went snorkeling in the famous Japanese wreck coral garden. Too bad the weather is not so good. Bli Pili (bli = big brother in Balinese) suggested to rent a Jukung, a Balinese fisherman boat. I -of course- like any other Indonesian female did the bargain.

On the way to coral reef

anyway, while cruising the sea, the fisherman stoped its boat. He wanted to sell his fishes to a collector. yep, right in the middle of the sea. the collector throw his bucket, the fisherman put all his fishes in that bucket (ember sebesar ember cucian itu lho). guess how much  did he receive? IDR 105,000 only!

oh em geee! i feel bad for my self! In tangSel, that Seratus ribu cuma dapat 3-4 ikan kayaknya! Duh! 😦 later, I paid the rent fee as its initial price. 

Anyway, there I was, spending my birthday contemplating life below sea level :))

Bukan mendukung Paslon Gubenur DKI

Weather was not oke, I threw up. then decided to go back to pebble stone sea shore. here, I  was witnessing again the hard life of Amed fishermen.

THey have to push the Jukung back to its place. 

pushing the Jukung is one thing, bare feet  on pebble stones, is another hard thing! 

sakit banget lho kaki nginjek batu batu koral gitu.

Later  I bought sea salt from the children of Amed  ( these two girls are the only seller when I was there).

Fourth grader, they told me

 i read that the money will go to their school.

she saw sea salt on the sea shore

after I had my lunch, I enjoyed the rest of the noon by Balinese Massage, with sea breeze sound as background  and rain drop. Yes, it was raining….then storm. i stayed at the room then.

at night, I checked the hotel and restaurant next door to have birthday dinner 😉

Blue moon hotel it was, and the food taste good as well. they gave free bread and pesto for complementarty.

Homemade bread and pesto

nasi urap Bali

While enjoying my dinner I talked to one of the waiters,

“kenapa ngga pindah ke kota aja sih pak? legian, Nusa dua, sanur. kan lebih ramai, bapak bisa lebih berkembang” (read : kaya) 

he replied with that thick Balinese accent… 

“Pernah, 16 tahun lalu. Saya tidak betah. Terlalu ramai dan berisik. Di sini tenang, kampung saya di atas bukit, tapi menghadap lautan”

Ah ya, who am I to judge? he is one of those rich people in desa Bunutan, who has everything in life except money…or stock…or Gold.

And owh, as since this restaurant is within the hotel area, they have visitor’s unwanted belonging as interior. Books! 

mostly book from European countries

Look at that novels!!! Me want oneeee!
next morning, I -of course -had my morning run. 

Mengamini kata May, inilah Bali sesungguhnya

this is the real Bali. Less commercial, less crowded. i can’t afford a bottle of soda sold in those club kekinian di Legian, Uluwatu, etc as most of middle class people post in Instagram. 

Next to my hotel, people breed cows and pigs.

The real miss Piggy!

When I had my morning run, I watched from one of the hill, overlooking Jameluk Beach, those fishermen going back to the seashore. i wonder how do they know their home? 

Have they ever get lost? 

 laut kan sama sama saja ya? Kok bisa ngga nyasar ya? 😉

What I love about Desa Bunutan, Amed when I was there, less people. no seller bugging me around when I was at the beach. 


upacara minta berkat mobil baru.

well yeah, it is black sandy beach some with big stones. seems the local mind their own business.

nikmat Tuhan mana yang kau dustakan?

Stone beach of Amed

On the way back to city ( I stayed overnight in Seminyak because my flight was in the morning) .

I managed to visit the beautiful Tirta Gangga along the way. 

Enterance fee

it was a private park for Karangasem Royal family, built in year 1946. now it opens for public. finally I was there. last time I visited the island, I failed to visit this garden.

Oh well, die Insel Der Götte, immer einen Besuch wert.  
if you don’t like the crowd like I do, this part of the island  is surely to go.

You can hike Mt Agung, or join the fishermen to catch fishes, or see the sea salt in the making.

The only downturn of this trip, there is no car rental and I can’t ride motorcycle. It’s hard to mobile. Jemeluk area is another beauty. even it was raining.
Will post pictures of aquaterace soon while you can read May’s review.

Reisen ist das Enzige was man kauft, das einer richer mach. 

nomor dua setelah sedekah sih :))

Anywyay, if May said in her post…

Promise my self that one day I will wake up in Bali 🙂

I came up conclusion while I was contemplanting….

hell yeah, it’s another story.I had wrote it in another platform anyway 🙂

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