Movie Review : Dangal

yeah….sikiky is back! Unties the knots, time to move on!

if Amir Khan made a movie, I know I have to watch it ( who doesn’t love 3 Idiots or P.K, anyone?) 

Another good movie about father-children relationship I watched this month.

adapted from a real story in India, it was  No surprise, more than half of the audiences were descendent from that country.

As ussual, I won’t tell the synopsis as you may read it somewhere. Some screens that struck me most:

  • Pillow Talk antara Orangtua Geeta dan Babita waktu mereka mau dilatih. Kira-kira gini lah :

Mama : Nanti ngga ada yang mau ngawinin anak kita

Papa : kalau merea sukses, mereka memilih bukan dipilih.

mama : apa kata orang kampung nanti?

papa : berapa lama mereka mau ngomongin kita? 

*coolest dad!*

  • Waktu Bebita nasehatin kakaknya.

“Walaupun papa marah sama  kamu, tetep saja dia papa kita, kamu anak kebanggannya”

Geeta terus menelfon papanya, nangis dan minta maaf. thing she barely do in such a long time.

Asli gw ikutan nangis jugaaaa….

a spoiler Geeta Kumari had match in Jakarta, but she lost. 

Her dad (played by Amir Khan) re-watch the match and did many corrections….remotely! 

and …forget about the Joget India things. you wont see it in this movie.
PS : Dangal = wrestler = pegulat

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