notes di penghujung tahun

seems it is my  4th worst year, so far. 

babak belur rasanya! Di tahun ini juga gw ngerasa di titik terjauh antara gw dengan Sang Pencipta.

many failures and plans were not executed, time and money wasted! 

Being stabbed by someone who I trusted so much in the first month. I lost trust in people.

I still carry the infection after Bintan swim , still prohibited to hit the pool. my eyes are still wet whenever I remember those painful treatment.

I made new friends and lost some (pathetic ones, no worry) 

and literally, I lost my high school clown buddy, Buffa ; my swimming coach, Nusha and also a former colleague, my daily “teman-nunggu-kereta @vedyy, this good looking young man just turn 30! I didn’t know he was sick. 😢

A simple reminder that life is short and happiness is only a smile away.

however, in 3 words I can sum up everything what I’ve learnt about life, it goes on! 

unties the knot,time to move on

Selamat Tahun Baru, teman teman!

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