nguping kantor

I have  a new boss, my direct supervisor. He just transferred from another department, so basically, we are no stranger to each other.

This conversation took place about last week.

R : Do you like herbal tea? 

Me : (without looking at him) Yeah, it’s relaxing! I opt for Rosella tea! Herbal tea good to calm you down, you know!

R: great! here! for you!

Me: -_____-

Left to Right

Slim and Slander

Infuse your body with wellness from the wholesome combination of yerba maté, pu’erh, ginger and orange peel. This tea will boost your immnune system and aid with burning fat.


Find ease and unwind from your day with calming chamomile, subtyle fragnant and delicate shooting.


Light tart fruity mint opens your palate, floral and fruit follow and finishes with ginger Ayuverdic. Total body, Life goodness in a cup

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