sincerly, your intuition

I put Maggie’s stuffs back to her desk with a note, I won’t use it.

My heart cramped.
it was only 4,000 feet away and why it was so difficult for you to spend only 3 mins. I felt like I had been humiliated yet had nobody to blame.

It was all my stupid mistake, by hoping Santa Clause or  a unicorn  does exist.
I went to my dance class, the only exercise I do without tears lately (I become slower and slower during my running and bike train, now I hate it, i did ugly pose every Yoga class)

And this song keeps playing in my mind.
As ussual, I want to look for the other choreography over youtube. I asked the instructor what is the title.
Later I noticed it has a heart-tugging lyrics. so me…for almost a decade.


……..Facing the hard life, without no fear (Yeah)
Just so you know that you really care
Cause any obstacle come you’re well prepared (Oh no)
And no mama, you never shed tear
Cause you have to shed things year after year……


I am forever blessed with two angels and we are fine by now. Yes, I admit, it is double the stress, the works and the tears, but double the fun and the pride.

Oh, my friend, Jurig told  me, If someone treats you like a joke,leave them like it is funny!








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