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Last weekend, I went to Semarang. Alone and by train. Things that I never do (taking a solo trip with long haul train) :p

My last long haul trip by train was 10 years ago to Jogja. So, I was very pleased to see the changes in PT. KAI even though I’ve read the changes that was done by Mr. Jonan in this book.
I took Agro Angrek Malam, in which in my surprise (and opinion) is better than Rj train that took me from Berlin to Prague :))

The AC was very cold, seats are comfortable. As far I remember, when I went to Surabaya early 2000’s, the same train was ugly. I was younger and easy to be pleased by that time (namanya juga jaman duit pas pasan) 

Anyway, arrived in Semarang at 3 am in the morning and that remark as my second visit. I remained in the station until about 5 am after I took my shubuh time. Then went to HOM HOtel where Vitri and Netty stayed. We would go to Magelang together using rented car. I took train because (before mu surgery) the doctor warned me not to take airplane first.

first stop : Cafe Oen

I had visitted the same store in Malang.

Dutch cookies and pastries

mesin kasir kuno

then off to Ambarawa!

we visited Museum KAI. 

Ticket price: IDR 10,000

enterance area was Wall of History PT. Kereta Api Indonesia. It was a busy station back during Dutch collonial to take platation harvest as well as the armies.

Thomas and friends! the real one!

It still has the famous loco, build in 1800’s still using (wood) logs for its fuel. when I was there, the compartement was rented by a group in which one of the people was very rude

“Kereta ini sudah kami sewa ya! kalian ngga boleh ikut”

He? I didn’t even realize the situation because from what I know, that Kereta wisata only operated on Sunday (later I learned unless it is privately rented that cost IDR 15 mio). I thought it was only the show case or alike.

Bah! Dibayarin kantor aja sombong bener, pak! 

anyway, there were (of course) old locomotivrs and vintage compartments. They also keep the building as it is.

The we stoped by Monumen Ambawara. Kids grew up in 80’s ….do you remember there is this picture in our PSPB book? 😜

the subject that is no longer exist.

Cocor Merah built in USA

Arrived at Mesastila Resorts to pick up our race pack. that was where the start line and our stay.

The place is beautiful! some said scary and haunted but no ghost bother to say hi to me :))

taken from my instagram account:

this building was built in 1928 which was used as a coffee plantation mansion by Gustav Van Der Swan.unfortunately it’s raining. otherwise the guests can enjoy stunning sunsets overlooking Gunung Sindoro and Sumbing
The next Morning, I took a trail race for 21K. It was raining hard and to make story short, I quitted the race. I’ll surely write about this 🙂 

At 3 pm, we were heading back to Semarang. Dropped Vitri and Netti of to the airport.  my train was at 10pm!

So, i killed time by ngayal-ngayal babu in Nest.co.logy. Seems my friends in Path who visited Semarang did the check in. its Coffee was goood! You can overlook Semarang City

Later I visited Lawang Sewu (literally means 1000 doors) with the rented car. I just knew that it was a centralized-ticketing-and -schedule  for NEtherland Indische Spporweg Maarschappij  during Dutch Colonial. It called Edmoson ticket.

Edmonson Printing Machine – Ambarawa

you know what? On my early years taking train in 2003, the Edmoson ticket was still used for economy train! If you are wondering, we used tap system now.

the design of the windows was for a reason. It will prevent the rain to the building.
enterance fee is IDR 10,000.the place is not scary at all. some of my friend called it is angker. At night, there is music played to prevent the visitors “bengong”. The famous old songs from 1950’s – 1970’s you probably recognize. For secs, I feel like living in 1950’s.

And you know what, in front of Lawang Sewu used to be a monorail. The Orde Baru goverment removed the rail and transformed to road! The similar train is still exist in Solo as Kereta Wisata not to commutte.

Ahh men! this is exactly what stated in Jonan’s book. A great number of railway road (nation wide) was reduced because the second president had deal with Japan. commercial motives!!! japan needs to sell its cars.The expatriates in my office don’t even have private vehicles in their homebound. There was a visitor from head office  in Jakarta Branch who took trip with Commuter Line when he worked for Jakarta Branch a decade ago. He said, the trains reminded him of his childhood. Back in 2006-2007 there were many imported used-train from Japan. Ach, sweet! 
Anyway, That explains the heavy traffic in big cities specially yeah…Jakarta. typical negara belum  maju – terbelakang juga ngga-tapi serakah aja pemimpinnya. 

it was raining hard, I cancelled my plan to walk around Kota Tua Semarang (old town). I loveeee old buildings!!!! Mereka seperti saksi bisu kehidupan di dunia! menyaksikan banyak hal and some remain misteries.

 The driver dropped me off again in Tawang Station.

Blenduk Church

A nice me-time! I alwayssss love the history of my country.  How our heroes were fighting for Indonesia’s independency no matter where you come from or where you go to pray! 
It sad me that my acquaintances  are fighting and nyinyir about President election (up until now) and the upcoming Pilkada Jakarta! You should go to Museums you-pathetic-people!!! 

20 thoughts on “(intip) Semarang

  1. actually, the similar case too. since
    the low cost carrier era, taking train is no longer economical….unless you are willing to take the lower class(the economic train) which some how, uncomfortable.

  2. mba jadi kereta wisata itu bisa untuk umum gak sih?
    atau cuma bisa disewa semua yang 15juta itu….pengeeen 😀

    btw mba dirimu malem2 ke Lawang Sewu kok gak ngeri sihh

  3. kereta sekarang memang bagus Mba, desember kemarin kita dari Bandung ke Solo naik yang business pun ok. Padahal awalnya pengen ngajak si Cici naik kereta ekonomi, biar ngerasain duduk di bawah dan jajan pecel 1000 an, ternyata dah ga ada lagi 😀

    • pas gw mau naik kereta sendiri, temen gw wanti2x sama tas. gw karena naik CL udah ngerasa perubahannya (dan sesuai buku yang gw baca, kan long haul dulu yang dibenerin) PD aja kayaknya ngga bakal ada sembarangan orang naik. nyaman banget.

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