bisa aja deh ah!

I spent last weekend in Bintan, took part in Ironman 70.3 as a relay team. I took the swim leg, of course ๐Ÿ˜„. Will surely write about this.

After the event, I took Ferry and cross the border. Yep, flight back to Jakarta was from Singapore instead of Tanjung Pinang. It was my second time to this island via boat. First one was from Batam 8 years ago. it was a long(er) process in Harbour Front  (compare to Changi airport) and I figured thing would be similar in Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. 

In the check point, the imigration officer scrutinized my face even after I had my thumbs scanned.

“Take off your glasses”

I did what he told me to.

dikira mau jadi TKW gelap kali gw! I was sick before the event , caught sore throat, caugh and cold. Not entirely fit, may be that explain my ugly(ier) look that night. :)) 

Then he scrutinized my passport again and my photo. I was a bit pissed of. it was 10pm Singapore time, I had fever, and didn’t have my dinner yet. My so-called-lunch was Buger Ramly. 

“you look different”

“I take that as compliment, uncle”

 still making my voice as friendly as possible. I’m a guest in his country after all.

 “ah! I know why you look different from the photo! The cheeks (he pointed at my passport’s photo) it’s now slimmer lah…” 


*ngga jadi ngambek*

to note: I renew my passport 2 years ago

nothing much to do in Sing. My sore throat get worse. No spending hours in coffee shop as my initial plan. Meh! 

6 thoughts on “bisa aja deh ah!

  1. I laughed at the scene because I could *really* picture it. Seriously, none of us look like our passport picture… especially considering we can’t smile and have this weird “frozen” face!

    Do tell the story of your Ironman achievement! That sound… tough!

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