Talking about the index (again)

Well yeah, me and my senseless writings.

kemaren ikut training tentang Investment Banking, trainer-nya (I don’t where  comes from, but now resides in Singapore and had been in the business in Toronto, Moscow and some USA major  cities) . Eh, kalimatnya belum selesai. Salah satu slidenya menampilkan world map based on Sorveign Credit Due Diligence. Buat yang tidak familiar, definisi Sorveign Credit Rating bisa dibaca di sini.

Niwey...I couldn’t get the same exact map as Mr. Dimitry (the name of the trainer) showed us in class yesterday, but more likely like this. Setidaknya, apa yang mau saya sampaikan ada di map ini.


Sovereign Risk Index Third Quarter 2015

So, as a revised from previous statement in this post, with all do the respect, I’d like to make apologize to the government of Chile.

Ya kali deh …staff-nya Seniorita President ada yang baca blog anak TangSel ini!

-____-  #lebay.

Tulisan saya di post itu bilang, gaya pemerintahan Chili beda-beda tipis sama negeri kita,  ternyata berdasarkan mapping di atas, pendapat saya salah.  Sehingga tampak wajar,  its capital city gets better ranking than ours. Kesimpulan yang terlalu tergesa-gesa sih, I know. But my blog is opinion, somehow. It usually non sense after all 😀 ? So I laughed at people who used blog as their official work. Ada lho, orang yang ngotot beropini tentang suatu kasus di pekerjaannya dan menjadikan blog  sebagai reference (resmi).

And owh, here I got from Kompas few days ago. Vitri sent this to our whatsapp group. Hmph, bener kan gw kemaren waktu di Wien ngarep ada mukzijat bisa dipindahin ke kota ini . Number 140 is beyond sad though. We should be grateful for what we have now. 



Why I bother to write unstructured topic about this? Last year, my friend Liza send me this article.  Waktu gw terserang midlife crisis 😉 I’m exaggerating, I know. “Chose your struggle wisely” sentences struck me the most.  Few weeks later, I saw this picture



it’s 10:50 pm TangSel time. Bonne Nuit!

eits, a little thing that made me happy.

gw ngerti tulisan ini! ihiyyyy


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