Post card from Papua


NO, I am not the one who travelled there 😀


THESE ARE  NOT my pictures.

These belong to Wawank, my former colleague who now works in Jayapura Branch at one of Stated Owned Enterprise Bank .He shared these in our whatsapp group.

Since he’s not a socmed whore, (unlike..yeah, you-know-who!) I can’t help not to share these beautiful pictures!! he already gave permission.

Indonesia is dangerously beautiful!

Jayapura City

pantai mansinam – monokrawi

view behind his office! WHAT!!!!???


oh em gee…

Ich brauch Urlaub so zweimal im Jahr sechs Monate!
I need holiday, twice a year, 6 months each


8 thoughts on “Post card from Papua

  1. Aku coba benerin kalimatnya ya kak tapi jadinya panjang :p
    Ich brauche Urlaub. Zweimal pro Jahr möchte ich gerne den Urlaub machen und jeder dauert sechs Monaten.

    Fotonya bagus, sukaaaa.. Betul kata orang, alam Papua sangat cantik

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