swim log, May 2016


Rabu, May 11th 2016

4x50m Warm Up

2 sets of 1x50m side kick + 1x50m hands on side

2 sets of 1x50m  single arm drill  + 1x50m catch

2 sets of 1x50m hold breath + 1×50 stroke count
2 sets of 1x20m head up + swim like a pro
Main set

2 sets of

4×50 m under 1:15″ cycle


4×50 under 1:10″ cycle

It was suppose to be 3 sets from the Main Set, heck, my pulse was 16 per 10 seconds. Akbar allowed to skip 1 set! Pheeewwww…..


Rabu, 25 May 2016


Discounted Mileage! Happy! =))

200m WU

1x50m one side kick

1x50m position

1x50m 1 single arm drill

1x50m transition
2 sets of

1x20m active drill, the rest transition

1x50m stoke count

2 sets of 

2x50m under 1:15′

1x100m under 2:30′



Discount!!!! Yay! Akbar wasn’t there!!!! =)) 



Sabtu, 28 May 

I was late!!!!!! skip the drill. Here the set after 200M warm up


2 sets of:

1x50m kick

1x100m pull

1x200m swim

1x100m pull

1x50m kick

total 1,000m

2 sets of

1x50m speed (fastest 43 secs, slowest 1:03′)

1×100 stroke count

1x200m building swim (fastest 4:29 slowest 4:43) HAPPPYYYY!!!! 😀

1x100m stroke count

1x50m speed

total 1000m

Will skip swim training during upcoming Ramadhan, but hope I’ll be doing fine for my next race that will involve SWIM 😀

Anyway, Mountain calls! I think I want to go! I hope I won’t start with DNS status again!!! Wish me luck!