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I was thinking, owh well, Jurian came with the idea first, of taking a part in this event weeks ago. Since the event will take place during Ramadhan, I won’t go this year (but Jurian and his wife will).Vielleicht nächstes Jahr!  However,  still  preparing myself of long swim training. Hence, I have to go back to the pool! Keine Option! 😀

Anyway, I will log my swimming training in this blog on either weekly or bi-weekly basis. I usually did on my IG account, but it’s kind of hard searching it again. I barely use my Garmin. However, apologize for deactivate the comment button!

Mittwoch, April 13th, 2016

“where have you been?” asked the coach, the soonest I arrived at the pool! I’ve been skipping the course for 7 weeks! 7 weeks!  Gee, I can’t forgive myself for this! #lebay. Wednesday, usually full of participants.


water rats


The menu was : -___-

yet, I do remember we had 800m as Main Set and the coach said “easy main course. Back to basic”. Probably it was a “Welcome Back” banner for me. I couldn’t remember since I was busy catching up my breath. My head position and  my left-arm swing were being corrected.


Mittwoch, April 20th, 2016

It was raining hard in the capital city, and I hope you do realize how close the relationship between Jakarta and Hujan! Only four of us showed up and I was late, it took hour to find Grab Bike -___-

Us minus Fela, she already went home

After fast 6×25 m warm up followed by kick sets

The Main Set was 

3 sets of  1 x 50 m fast +  1 x 50 m easy, repeat another cycle

100m fast

200m stroke count.

Total main set : 1,500m. Confession to make, there was a cycle/set that I did only do 1x25m fast and 1x25m easy. I guess Akbar and Nusa, the coaches had some mercy on me :p. But when I negotiated for a shorter distance for the next set, Nusa said “NO!” #meh

Mittwoch, April 27th, 2016

Some of us were Sungai Liat Tri participants, and addicted to Tri. Haleluyaaa….So they came back again, preparing for Bali Triathlon next August!


After several drills and about to start the main set,  the coaches separated us into 3 group, faster, normal  and beginner. What I mean by beginner is not really beginner. This  group was for swimmers who just return after hiatus.  They will be given either shorter distance  ( x 25 meter) or longer time cycle.  I volunterily joined that group before the coach yelled “No! what are you doing, Kiky?  This lane!” as he was pointing to middle lane. #Blah!

The menu was : 

8 x 25 m WU

with fins : 4 sets of 1 x 50m sidekick, 2 sets of 1x50m slicing the water, change position after six kicks and followed by  1×50 m catch up entrance.

2 sets of 1 x 50m hold your breath at its best, the function is to expand the lungs’ capacity with taking a break for 5 times was allowed (I only took 4 breaks) and followed by 1 x50m stroke count (mine is always  47-49)  

Main Set was :

2 sets of 4x50m pull  without fins, followed by 4x100m with fins.

the dessert was 4x50m regular swim (no fins) maintaining the position. Total distance was 1,800m.  During the main set  I heard that he kept saying “hanging there, please hanging there!” Idih gimana sih! Gw mau masuk club beginner ngga boleh…… =)) I was the last swimmer to complete the total cycle, for sure….

Best quote of the day

me : “see you this Sat”

Him : “hanging there,Ky! Jangan banyak bolos lagi!’

iyeeee….. -____-

Samstag, April 30th

Less likely my friends come on this day.

The set was

8x 25 m WU , (with fins) 2 sets of 1 x 50 m slicing water and 1 x50m catch up.

2 sets of 1 x50m transition followed by 1 x50m  stroke count.

(without fins) 2x20m sprint + 2x20m six kicks followed by normal swim. The function is to spike the heart rate.

Main Set! All with fins attached…the famous scary PYRAMID TRAINING!!!!

2 x 50 m + 100m (first 1×50 m  I did 58”, 100 m was 2:35 )

4×50 m + 200m (50m now around 1:02-1:04, 200 m was 4: 50 something)

6 x50m + 300m

(50m still maintained around 1:02 – 1:04   and I CLEARLY HEARD that Akbar yelled “Ok, you maintained well, do make a lot of warm up before the race”. Hanging there and…go!

Me : wait what? No-okelah-elo- boleh -istirahat????!!!”    The 300m cycle was 7 mins something, still below 3 mins/100 m)

8 x 50m + 400m (the 8th  of 50m cycle dropped to 1:07 and 400m was completed 9 mins something).

Total : 2,680 meters!

My aiming is manage to clock under 2:30′ per 100m (without the fins). Still long way to go! but Master Shifu said to Po, the Dragon Warrior

“If you only do what you can do, you’ll never be better than what you are”