Those extra words



Lintas Timur – Pulau Bangka


It was just my routine, commuting between TangSel and Palmerah, on the women-only compartment! Packed as usual, in the state of trying to make ends meet. As always, I bought an extra bag with me, usually for lunch box or novel to read and an umbrella. When I got to the compartment, found available empty space, then I asked a lady who stand in front of me to put extra bag on top shelf.

Arriving at my destination, of course I asked her help again to take my bag down.

She did.

I said thank you.

She nodded

without looking at my face.

I said “Have a good day!”

in my surprise, she turn her head and smiled

“You too”, she replied.

Honestly speaking, when I said “Have a good day” I was basa-basi 😀 . It wasn’t sincere!

But the response I received was something and I guess, our quick encounter boost each other’s mood that morning! I felt happy and I hope she did too!

Those extra words! 

Come to think of it, after I arrived at the office and was greeted by the security officer..

“Selamat Pagi, Mbak”

besides greeted them back, now I added

 Sehat Pak?

Their replies and wider smile make me happy! Really!

Those extra words!

Try it yourself, for me it feels nice to boost someone’s mood from simple thing.

Those extra words! 🙂


ab in die Falle

Gute Nacht!


PS : that is a picture that my sister took recently during our Bangka trip. Will write it soon or be friended with me on Facebook, I’d share some pictures!




9 thoughts on “Those extra words

  1. Atau bisa juga ucapkan begini pas selesai beli makanan diwarung atau dimanapun “terima kasih, makanannya enak.” Aku suka bilang begitu kalau makanannya memang enak. Kalo standar ya aku bilang “lain kali saya akan coba menu yang lain.” Alusan ngomongnya😁

  2. kasir di Amrik tuh ya, pasti nanyain how are you dear, abis itu have a good day, mungkin ada yang basi – basi tapi memang jadi lebih menyenangkan, daripada kasirnya cemberut atau nawarin isi pulsa kaya kasir Alfamart atau Indomaret :p

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