Draft Novel Kehidupan

Beratttsss! =)

I read those statement in Fajrin’s Instagram account. He made a review in a local coffee shop and he said that place is not quite enough if you want to contemplate =). This is what he said “tempat: rame bgt kurang asik bwt merenung, nulis draft novel masa depan or deep conversation with friend, lebih cocok bwt kongkow rame2”

Then I laughed and made a comment on that post.  I feel like I had an early midlife crisis last year (and somehow still carried forward)  and  Edi told me to rewrite the plans. I remember, I only write the plan once, when I was 18 and never bother about it again until I remember what I wrote and left soulless after wards for weeks. None of them were executed.  I tried many many things to boost my soul again =). sounds pathetic.  But I think that is why you need your old friends now and then.  When you get older, you need people who know you when you were young(er). 😉

I don’t think I experienced what the Gen Z said “Quarter Life Dilema/Crisis”, when I was in my mid 20’s my life was just oke. Got a good job, I think life went the way it was supposed to and BOOM! At that time I thought, nanti kalau gagal malah kepikiran sendiri jadi biarkan mengalir saja.

Neah! Menulis draft novel kehidupan, things I should say to my 20 and early 30-year-old-me. But since you can’t turn back the time, and better late than never, I re-write the plans like Edi told me to.

How about you? Do you write your (life) plan?




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