Großer Traum ist Besser 



*if the title is grammatically wrong, forgive me. I learn the language by myself. I was trying to say “BIGGER DREAM is  BETTER* 😀

Anyway, i follow @runtrimom  on IG. She’s a triathlete, a mother of two and do yoga in between. American and of course lives in USA. Today, she posted a nice caption for her picture. Here I copied:

My dream growing up was to move to a big city and work in a big high rise at a “big people’s job”! So I made that dream come true. When I realized that it was an amazing dream but finance was not my hearts truest desires I changed the plan. I quit and set off for the ashram.

Point being. Life can change in a moment. Maybe you chase down a dream and live it. Only to realize maybe that isn’t the dream for your life…just for a time. That is OK! Get another dream. This little Idaho girl never imagined working in the second tallest building in Chicago! But if you dream big and work hard you really CAN make all your dreams come true.

Not without setbacks and bumps and bruises but life is about LIVING it to the fullest. We don’t get much time here. We don’t know how much time we have. What if today was your last day?

Even in your normal routine could you find a way to make it exceptional? Love more fiercely! Make “that” phone call. Forgive someone? Apply for that job you crave? Kiss that person you’ve been crushing on? Hold your babies a little longer? Tell someone you love them. Sign up for the race you don’t know if you can do but always wanted to?

When I say #DreamReallyFreakingBig THAT is what I mean. Taking chances. TRUSTING yourself. Being ok when you realize a dream is no longer a dream. Or knowing when your dreams are crushed and shattered that you have it in you to pick yourself up, take the next breath, HOPE for and create a new dream.

That’s dreaming big. It’s being brave and vulnerable. It’s BELIEVING in YOU.

Life is precious. Love with all the madness and passion of your heart. You will cry but remember to have more tears from laughter than sadness. Persevere. Be STRONG. 
Believe in the beauty of your dreams.

Ich finde es Toll! Ih, gw banget nih! 

What was your childhood dream? 

As any other Indonesia’s kid, I grew up with “pengen keliling dunia” things! I adore Tintin by Herge, grew up with comics from Lat, those European Authors and religiously read  the famous Little House in The Praire series. So I want to visit those places which were mentioned. Truth is… Never really work on it 😀

Later when I grew up exactly when I was in High School, anggap saja saya ingin ke Bulan! Agak malu menuliskannya disini! Well, pernah sih gw tulis di blog ini jaman dahulu kala. Hahahhaha. I tried but I failed. yet, I still keep the dream.

Now It’s over a decade too late, but people said you never too old to set another goal (which may come from dream).

Earlier this morning, I’ve received from  a letter of my daddy friends. Here’s a part of his writing that made my eyes burst into tears

“Ever so many years ago we had hoped you could  stay with us -pergi ke bulan –  now we are just glad that you and your family are doing well and that -pergi ke bulan –  is a possibility”

*my heart and eyes melted*

There are people I met recently  that let me down, turn down my dreams. But knowing there are even more people, who keep me in their prays even in their dreams is truly a bless!After all these years, after all…. this 25 years…they keep saying the same prays.

So I guess I better have a bigger dream and trying to reach it. Not only hoping!


6 thoughts on “Großer Traum ist Besser 

    • harus diusahain juga Nong. gw ngga sampe pengen “pergi ke bulan” sih, sampe langit pertama juga ngga masalah sebenarnya. tapi gagal terus. jadi yaa sekalian aja pergi ke bulan hahahah. usaha! jangan cuma bilang “pingin”

      • Setuju banget, Ky…harus “USAHA”, jangan cuma bilang “PINGIN”….May both our dreams coming true ya, Ky…don`t know when, but just keep praying and trying our best 🙂

  1. Duh itu caption IG menohok sekali, sesuai banget dengan kegalauan gw sekarang Mba , thank you for sharing 😊

    Gw pernah baca katanya kalau kita tidak takut maka mungkin mimpi itu tidak terlalu besar, sekarang gw lumayan takut, so mungkin memang mimpi itu lumayan besar hehe.

    Tetap berusaha kita 😀😀

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