Triathlon Project 2015

A nice reading  material from Pak Hasbi, we called him Pak RT.  I love this sentence, my eyes kind of teary...” I would have never done and completed one, or any, without the support of Vitri and Claudio, and the help from friends and family in more than one ways they could have ever imagined. Bintaro Trojan Runners – that yellow shirt crossing the finish line is the testament of your values to me” …

I called BTR my extended family, with them “when was the last time you did something for the first time” will be REPEATED thousands time! 😉

For those who wants to TRI-it! This passage must be useful! 😉



Horley Project


The owner of Bed and Breakfast we stayed at in Busselton suggested me to write something about my journey to this triathlon project, in as much detail as I can, for my recollection in later days, or as reading material for our future kindergarten grandkids, hopefully inspiring them to do positive things they like.

The big question: why?

Azman Abdul-Rahman, brother of Azlan, fellow triathlete, actually captures a similar childhood experience in his Ironman story. Like him, I remember once watching the triathlon on TV decades ago, and thinking how cool the participants were, strong and skillfull. They must be super humans. However, that was the end of that thought, as I could not even swim. I was thinking that several things are out of my reach; life is with a limit.

I started running, for health and fitness reason, quite late in the game. From 2008 to 2011, I…

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