My so called new number

Owh well, Last Friday was my birthday 😀

Friends in FB might  already what I give myself as a present! After all ups and downs. Mohon (sekali lagi) doanya juga ya. Since my planned that I wrote when I was 18 was totally a mess, Ed told me to re-write mine, so there is. First plan among few other plans

A little surprise at work, I got so many present. I feel like a Miss TangSel. Always wanted to receive red roses Bouquet tho! Ha Ha Ha

Then  at the end of the day felt like Miss Columbia. Confuse.

I wonder how do I will bring these stuffs home by train! At peak hours! 😀


7 thoughts on “My so called new number

  1. Selamat Ulang Tahun Mbak Ky. Barakallah diusia sekarang dan akan datang. Semoga selalu diberikan kelancaran beribadah Haji, sehat dan bahagia bersama anak-anak ya 🙂

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