on hanging there 

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I haven’t really talk about my other two sports I guess, swimming and bike 😉

Last Night marked as one year of me, being supervised by Akbar Nasution.  It started January last year, when I need a break after I had my 30K Trail Race in Bromo and second FM in Singapore as well as preparing my first Olympic Distance Triathlon.

I skipped on Ramadhan, no swim at all, coming back to pool again after Syawal but unfortunately on and off! Anyway…since I feel like I have to pick up my endurance again, I showed again last Saturday (I ditch many Saturday classes after my triathlon race).

Since some of my friends are preparing for their Half Iron Man race distance (that is 1.9KM of swim), the coach is coming with endurance training again to master the free style of course. Just a little note, after Lebaran, we had more fun session to master back, butterfly and breast stroke.

The main set for last night was a hell for me, after ditching so many classes, after warm up and several drill (details on my Instagram Account) the main set was 4 set of 4 x 50 m with in 1:30 cycle! Each set, he gave us like 5 mins rest or so. Not sure how long. Seems short!

I was doing fine with the first 2 sets, on the third set, last 50m, I hit the wall! I was numb! Tired as hell and hardly catch my breath.  I was the last swimmer who completed the  (3rd) set.  1:31 was my time. Failed  by 1 second. I look the pool’s wall, with empty feeling.

Akbar, the coach,  squat down and said over my head, I didn’t even looking at his face.

“I know it’s hard! But I know you can do it! Please hanging there, one more set to go!”

And no,  he didn’t give extra rest time. I still have to complete the fourth set as his plan.

“swimmers number 3, go!” he yelled, telling me and the other 3  swimmers to go. 

we swam in 4 lanes consits of 3 swimmers on each lane.being the slowest swimmer I was the last swimmer

Oh well, I managed to complete the last 4 x 50m with time between 1:14 – 1:20 per 50 m. I am so happy! Akbar was right! I can do it! other Person  trust me, why can’t I trust myself?

Anyway, earlier yesterday, on Saturday morning, after a week of no sport, I pushed myself out of bed. It was 7 am already.  panas boo

I think it’s my second anniversary with my road bike 😉 I bought the bike also in January.


I am sooooo happy with the result! It usually took 22-24 kph (kilo per hour) for me, yesterday I managed 24 – 26 kph. A happy overweight slow triathlete ;))

Now I wonder my running’s pace haven’t improve? =))

13 thoughts on “on hanging there 

  1. Jadi intinya sih harus pede ya, Mbak. 😀

    Jadi inget guru renang ku atlet Sumut jugak. Disiplin banget en perfeksionis abis. Sempet stress beliau karena ngajarin temen ku ngga bisa bisa. Bahahah 😀

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