hello Friday!

Namira post this picture on her path account…oh  em geee, I got post this everywhere!!!

spot me!


wish is granted! Sikiky GOES INTERNATIONAL!!! #waaaeeee

PS : semoga ada yang tertarik menjadi gw model , hijaber triathlete from tropical country who less likely able to do any Half IronMan race withib South East Asia -___-

*saving money for Busselton or Taupo*

Then my sister post this pic to our whatsapp group, and my friends making funny comments like :

“Keren maktuooo…dari sekian pelari pelari mahal asal Indonesia, elu yang terpilih” – UM 2016

“Hahahhaha, pelari Adidas, BMW dan Rimowa lewat semua…” HL- 2016

“percuma FM sub 5 kalo belum masuk cover majalah” ID – 2016

gee..that was sarcasm guys, yet funny!


Anyway, in case you bump into this blog, here’s a recap of my 2015 Berlin Marathon!

Enjoy Weekend! Do share with me on Monday πŸ˜‰


Update:  I remember the building on the top left!!! It was around KM 18 – Km 19 when I notice slightly a cramp on my right calf, I hate it that I didn’t prepare any gel or spray. Here, I met a staff from Indonesian Embassy in Berlin and asked me if I was oke. I said I’m fine and kept moving, then in front of me is that building, a  church, with  a VERY blue sky and white clouds as a back ground and  (of course) a cross on its roof ! It gave me a goosebumps! really! I know it’s a church and I’m a moslem. yet , it was sooooooooo beautiful and calming!


5 thoughts on “hello Friday!

  1. Huwooo Mbak Ky badaaasss, cadaaasss!! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ sudah disiapin manajer belum mbak? Kali aja setelah ini tawaran datang bertubi haha. Penasara kakek sebelah umur berapa mbak? Duh, panas nih. Kakek2 aja FM yak *tenang deny, saatnya akan tiba *mbuh tiba nang endhi haha.

    • gw berharap staff Ibu Angela Merkel nge-trace keberadaan gw :)) trus dikasih suaka :)) *apa sihhhhhh*
      i dont know how old he is, tapi banyaaaakkkkkk opa oma yang power walknya jauhhhh lebih cepat dari gw yang jogging. berasa dilempar ihhhh, lalu mengumpulkan harga diri yang terserak serak

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