sans titre


taken in Lombok 2o12

When I was in high school, I had three friends whose seat near by. One is “teman sebangku” and the other two sat in front of us. Time goes by, we went separate ways, we weren’t as close as we used to. I considered the other two, world’s citizen. Liz, would  spent her time  like 3  months in Canberra, then made presentation to San Paulo for weeks, then off to Zurich, bla bla bla… When Liz got home, then Don would fly to Tokyo or Bologna for his further research bla bla bla. Things like that. However, we managed to see each other every time those two world’s citizen were in town. At least once a year, to keep each of us posted about what happened to our live :D. we barely talk via whatsapp  for instance, let alone email =)).

Anyway, our another friend got married yesterday while Liz is in town. her flight back to Australia will be tomorrow, thus we squeeze our time to meet after that friend’s wedding.

Then, I made conversation with one of them yesterday.  About my “kegalauan tiada ujung” :p . That took place before four of us met. we were in the car.  Here’s what I  can recall from our conversation.

A : you don’t have a close friend over there, right?

Me : nope, I don’t

A : Find one! and a boy friend too!

Me : –” #pret


A : why you left our (whatsapp ) group?

Me : I found it’s useless!  Don’t like it!

A: just take the fun side of it.

Me : I can find fun side from other (whatsapp) group.

A : They are our old friend, ky!

*yeah yeah* Teman lama dilupakan jangan ya booo!



A : things don’t work out with both of you, right?

Me : Leider, nicht *nyengir*

A:  I’d knew it from the beginning. Tapi kalo loe gw kasih tau duluan, pasti loe ngamuk.

Me : *nyegir bloon lagi*



Me : I ask him a apologize. he didn’t response.

A : you’ve done your part. Forget it now! Eh, loe turun duluan deh. Liatin sebelah kiri donk! #double pret! Thank you so much from friendship! *KZL*




Then I remember this quote, Mbak Nining posted it months ago on her Facebook account

Understand that friends come and go, but with a precious few you should hold on. The older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young – Mary Schmich










7 thoughts on “sans titre

  1. Mbak Ky, ini hampir sama dengan yang kutulis diblog tadi malam. Maunya bikin tulisan tentang apaaa, kok ya topiknya memper2, akhirnya curcol tentang persahabatan :)))

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