From my last trip

I thought my Europe Trip will be the last trip in year 2015, well I was wrong :). Last  weekend, I came back to this Little Red Dot again. Kiddo#2 had soccer match with his club, I learnt this when I was in Prague. So, I didn’t plan to go and let him fly with his coach and team. Bundanya sudah bokek . 

Later, I was thinking, oh em gee, masak gw ngga nonton anak gw tanding? *ALASAN* So, I found cheaper ticket to fly the next day  with kiddo #1. hahahahah. I really took train and bus to get around, no taxi! =)) That was actually my first visit coming to Singapore  airport and took  MRT to the Hotel! I usually took cab. Ya iyalah, biasanya sekeluarga kalo ke sini. Kalau pas sendirian, business trip.

Anyway, I’ve been to Singapore for countless time, yet, I still went to places I’ve never been.

Like,  for instance, I had my morning run on Sunday. A date with Sara. I knew Sara when I gave up my Standard Chattered Marathon Singapore 2012 when I planed to take 10K. Suppose to be my first overseas race. I couldn’t go and sold the bib via Facebook and Sara bought it. There where we met. Alas, last Sunday was our first “Kopi Darat” after 3 years!  We cancelled running that last year when I was in the city for training. Forget why. hahahahahh.

Actually, I knew Sara’s big sister in person, my junior from High School. What a small world.

She asked me to meet her at Teluk Blangah Station, and it took a while for me to get there from Lavander since I took the wrong interchange. Being sok tau I am, considered I’ve been to this city many many time, I didn’t pay attention to where to switch the train line. =))

Anyway, I had my beautiful 5K run from Teluk Blangah – Refflection Keppel Bay (oh em geese The Condo!!!!! please be mine!!!) – and back to Vivo City.


My Condo at the back 😉

We bid farewell and of course promise each other to have a running date again when in TangSel.


A little after that, kiddo #1 and I went to Holland Village to have brunch. Actually, it is far away from Lavander to Holland Village =)).  Always curious with this area, since I often see my IG seleb post a pict of their brunch in this area. Too bad it was raining, so I just came to the nearest  coffee shop I saw. D’ Good Cafe it was and had my most expensive coffee I bought. It was Mapple Sea Salt Latte =)) I had also sweet corn pancake and taste very nice! LOVE!


Mapple Sea Salt Latte

After we had brunch, I went to the field of course to see Kiddo#2. My friend Dora from High School and Arfi from college squeezed their time to meet us! very sweet of them! Both lived in SG. Arfi lagi nganggur, keluarganya jusru lagi mudik ke TangSel  =))

Next morning, I had my morning run at Kallang River Side Park, just across the street from where I stay!


can you see the giant ferris wheel?


owh owh…very nice run! Eventhough I hate SCMS and cursed that I will never participate in that event again, it is always nice running the little red dot. Its park are nice, well balanced city.


Oberstrase Cafe

Then we had brunch at Oberstrase! I just knew there is a nice coffee shop just around (French Road) corner. I had toast and cappuccino.


And of course, after I had my breakfast, off we go to…

coming here is da must

Actually, I was in this road on Saturday Day. I met Erin, a blogger i know when we still write in Our first kopdar was last year when I was in the city. After 7 years befriended thru blogging! Lucu yaw pertemanan blogger!!! =) . In case you want to know, I bought something from Lulu lemon again 😉 *yang katanya bokek*

Fast forward until I arrived at the airport. I was soooo sleepy that I need a coffee and there I had one at Killney Coffee Terminal 1. I found an empty seat and there was an old man sat across me. We talked =). What is it  between  me and opa-opa sih??? hahahah.

His name is Lawrance,  a Malaysian who would flew back to his current town, Calgary, Canada via Hongkong and his flight would be the following day at 8 am. so he was wandering at the airport killing time.

I thought he was an engineer as he lives in that oil city, yet he is an urban planner. His family has moved to Canada almost a decade, he told me the reason why.  Then we talked a lot from ISIS, Sarawak-Kalimantan border, Najib’s government, etc. He showed me pictures of Calgary, beautiful city on winter time :). Well, I feel so optimist after I talk to Opa Lawrence. Never too old to chase your passion. Friends in Path had probably read this part tho!

Early this evening, Erin post a status

People don’t meet by chances, it has been planned well

There’s a reason why I meet Lawrence. A random man who sit across me while we were waiting for our flight to get us home.

And there’s a reason why I met you. Walaupun kebersamaan kita sebentar pasti ada alasan. Setidaknya, setiap saya BT or else, -dan tiba tiba ingat –  time that we spent together, bisa membuat saya tersenyum kembali 🙂 now I’m going back to square one 🙂 Guess, I won’t mind. Life!

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