A movie date

One who knows me in person probably realize I like Film Festival since I was in college. Decades later, I sometimes write about the movie I watch on Festival Sinema Perancis or Jakarta Film Festival. Here, here and here for example. Last weekend, Festival Sinema Perancis was in town, so there I went to spent my weekend.

I watched 2 movies in a row. First movie was Pourquoi j’ai pas mangé mon pèrr  and second one was Le Père Noël.

La Pere Noel is a family movie, a comedy one. It started on Christmas Eve that Antoine a 6 year, daddy-less was very surprise that a santa clause arrived at his balcon. Santa Clause was about to rob the apartment, one level below Antoine’s. Being a kid he is, he has no idea that the Santa Clause is a thief and follow  the santa all the way until the train station after he finished robbing the below apartement! Santa tried to sent Antonie home but failed. So he decided to take Antonie to where he “works” Stealing money and jewelry from the riches.

Anoine’s think he still work for the real Santa Clause since he wanted to used Santa’s Cart to….heaven! to see his daddy! Owh em ge…this was the saddest part. Antoine’s dad use to tell story about Zebra and it has not finished because “Dad promise to complete the story after he gets home, but he never come back”.



Santa Clause was played by Tahar Rahim , a French’s actor of Algerian descent. Ish!!! cakep deh! kenapa gw ngga kenalan sama yang kayak gini waktu ke Paris kemaren sih???  -__- 


Now, the first movie that translated to “MONKEY BUSINESS”. It struck me the most somehow even the animation is (sorry) Ugly. DOnt compare it with Walt Disney PIstures and  too many “hooo hooo haaa haaa” sounds as it tells story about Primates. BUt it has a lot of moral issue.


So, it a very BIG TREE, there is a king and his peoples (monkeys). The queen just delivered two babies in which one of them would be the king. First born was Edouard, but he was very tiny  and incomplete so the King asked his personal assistant  and  the witched to kill the  baby. The personal assistant never kill Edouard but threw him away. Fast forward,  Edouard was raised by the other monkey, and found many inventions. He took a walk to the central part of the Big Tree later found the King and The brother. The personal assistant and the witch realized that, it was Edouard, one who is suppose to be the king and tried to kill Eduorad back.  But failed, and Edouard found out that he’s the king’s son. Nevertheless, the king was killed.

So Edouard’s brother will be the replacement. He has to eat The King’s body because it is the Simian’s tradition. Edouard is very reluctant and angry that he tried to save his father’s body but later got kicked out of the Big Comfortable Tree.

A random man which happen to sit next to me on theatre told me

“Judul filmnya mbak! Jangan makan bapakku”

Ah I see….why they translate it to Monkey Business?

back to the plot

Edouard has to survive in the new land. He met his lover, build a cage, found own food, etc! He came back to the tree and asked the SImians to live on earth. They were too lazy, they were on their comfort zone as the Big Tree already prepared everything for them. Until…there is no more food on the Big Tree, they join Edouard and built a city. Well, every Simians except Edouard’s brother, the new king. The evil witched was upset, and played a revenge.

Unfortunately…I need to go to toilet, so I stepped out of theatre. When I came back, the movie just finisnhed! Argh!!! My friend said, the devil witch was killed and the Big Tree was exploded.

This movie struck me the most by these points

  1. Edouard tried to save his father’s body, eventhough once, his father wanted to get rid of him! He didn’t do any revenge to his dad nor his brother. He’s the one who suppose to be the king. He forgive his father. Melepas marah dan tetap menghormati orang tua/orang yang pernah menyakiti dia. I carried a hatred for decade, it hurt both my body and soul. Hmmmmm….not good!
  2. Edouard was pulled out of his comfort zone. on the movie, he learn how to walk with two (instead of four) feet. Then he discover that actually he’s a homo sapiens. He wasn’t suppose to be a monkey, he is a human. Then he re-built his own life and survive. If he still live in Big Tree, he’d be starving like other Simians.

And actually, I am still contemplating point number 2. I did let go number 1, the other party hasn’t reply. I don’t think it’s my problem anymore. Gw ngga pernah tau siapa yang benar atau salah dalam kasus gw, harusnya semua pihak salah. Tapi minta maaf duluan ngga akan menjatuhkan martabat gw juga lah! I considered I’m done with my part on this case! 


Anyway, what  a well spending Saturday Night!  Here’s a picture of Metrople Movie Theatre where Festival Sinema Perancis took place.

For my non Indonesian reader, the building is the oldest movie theater in Jakarta, built in 1932!  ! 13 years before INdonesia’s independece day.


6 thoughts on “A movie date

  1. Nonton tayangan youtubenya jadi terngiang ngiang lagi orang ngomong dengan bahasa Perancis yg seksi 🙂 n kayaknya dua duanya bagus deh, tp gue suka soundtrack yg film no. 2 🙂

  2. Mbaakk baca ini aku jadi kangen JFF. Selalu nonton ga pernah ketinggalan selama di Jakarta. Selalu download bukletnya juga.
    Ehm, point nomer 1, ehmm, entahlah. Masih PR buatku 😀

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