Berlin Marathon 2015 Race Recap

It’s First November, last day for Berlin ballot 2016 😀 and New York Marathon just start few mins ago. Finally, post of the main reason of my Europe Trip 🙂

it was in December 2014, when I had 4 eyes conversation with Ishida-san back In Singapore #penting #pisan, a text message arrived at my mobile phone said my credit card was charged Euro 100++ for SCC events!

whoa! I made it to for Berlin Marathon 2015 Ballot 🙂
so did my sister, Noni and Manda. The B and the F sisters 😀

Thus, i decided to ditch my Paris Marathon bib (bye bye Euro 100 bib -___- )  and signed up for a triathlon race in H1 2015! In which,  i never regret *WINK* Unlike my life, my race is well planned #eh 😉
later we knew that Riefa, Corry and Kak Oi were coming too!

well as told here , 2 months before the D Day I was supervised by a coach. my level of fitness and endurace dropped to its lowest point #meh. I finished my 30K practice in….5 hour something! Felt like a loser already!

Thursday, 24th September


picking up race pack at the expo. for runners, before picking up the race pack, it is mandatory for us to wear the blue bracellet until the race day. and must show it to the starting pen area.’s a sign that you’re a legal runners not using fake BIB.

little confession: I still have the bracellet #susah #moveon


Blue Ribbon

and owh, I picked the finisher tee too. yes, unlike SCMS, BMBM, or else may be, the finisher tee is not part of registration fee. I paid for another 30euro if i’m not mistaken. forgot!

so, if you plan to join Berlin Marathon better order in prior. My pic holding the bib was taken by a Mexican now lives in Virginia, USA. His name is Alejandro and Berlin Marathon 2015 would be his 4th FM. He was with his wife (forgot her name). He said last year, he undergo his third FM in Athens! (oh my goshhh…the original Marathon!!!) and it was a surprise  present from his wife.  The wife prepared everything before telling him they’d go to Athens! OHHHH SOOOOO SWEEEETTTTT! :-* *garuk garuk aspal*

Friday, 25 sept 2015

we had carboloading held by Indonesia’s embassy in berlin. The embassy also gave us visor with #INDONESIA on the left and German’s flag on the right. Or is it the other way around?


Indonesia participants in Berlin Marathon 2015

Saturday, 26th sept


we decided to join Breakfast Run held by the comittee. Run took place from Charlotte Palace to Olympia stadium. It was approx 6km of running thru Berliners’  residence which was VERY VERY nice


like its name, the comitte prepared breakfast at the Stadium consist of varieaty of bread,apple, banana, even yougurt. in my surprise yaaaa

I thought indonesian people are hardly have manner to queue yakkk sama ajaaa masakkkk!!!!

tuh bule bule juga ngga bisa antri booo pas ngambil makanan! rebutan pisan!!! –“
yeaahh, people that run comes from all over the world, so cant judge which! 😉
In the  evening my sister and Get Get had dinner at Thai Restaurant in Alexander platz, discussing a drama plot! it’s 9 degrees in the morning at 16 degrees at noon so we were wondering (hard) what should we wear for tomorrow

#world’s class problem
and here’s a tip from for you (runners) who live in tropical countries and running in cold temp country
1. bring glove to start pen and jacket! Cheap ones! it warms you before start gun and before or during run, juat throw them away! I saw many jackets scattered on start pen

2. Live in that country for a while, perhaps? 😀

SUNDAY, 27 September 2015

wake up early *oh my gosh!! what was I thinking before??? went to Berlin for a M.A.R.A.T.H.O.N?? cem betullll aja! 

it’s 42.2 km boooo!!!

we had breakfast at the hotel which is a partner of this event. its restaurant opens at 6 am on the D day and we saw many runners around.

at 7 am met Prasti  at Postdemar Platz then  heading to start pen, some dropped its bag, and met with other runners from Jakarta/Tangsel. Picture credit to Riefa.


riefa, jeffry, sikiky, Chiro, yola, prasti, corry

Start line diveded by 8 waves, I was on the last of course. Well, also the rest of Indonesian runners i know. except chiro, faster runner were in front. Expected time for wave H was above 4.30 hours. TEEE HEEE…if there is K wave, I’d be fall in K wave I guess :))

at 9.40 something,  start for H wave.


smile, before the torture. Pic taken by Riefa I guess

woose there we go!

  • Coach R said DON’T try to make a PB on your long run race!!! so, spare 3-5 mins from your PB. my PB for 5K was 35 mins, and it was 39 mins when I saw 5 K mark.
  • water station is every 3K. in first 3K they provide water and isotonic water only. in Km 9 (every 2 other WS) they provide banana, apple and…apple tea! DELICIOUS
  • 358656_205402954_XLarge

    at km 8 something

  • at 10Km mark i recorded 1 hr 20 mins, which is still far from my PB of 1 hr 14 mins. Oh well, I’m within the pace. weeks of training my 10K always last over 1 and half hour!!!
  • owh, the route mostly flat slighy hilly between Km 7 amd Km 8. the spectators were great!!!!! I LOVEEEE THEM!!!!  They will look at you bib and call out your name. Kan nama kita segede gede dosa tuh di print di BIB.   OOT: waktu gw jaga water station di The Jakarta Mrathon minggu lalu, itu yang gw lakukan buat menyemangati pelari, call them  by their bib name. Unfortunately their name printed in small letters. kan susah pas ada pelari yang cakep trus manggil nama mereka. #eh
  •  I used my salt stick every 7Km, I brought 5 and two Snickers Bars.
  • at Km 18 i felt a noticeable cramp in my right calf. I saw medic team they said they dont have that spray nor the balm. Silly me! i forgot my own note written on my virgin FM!
  •  I felt that my body temperature is getting high. Then I took my jacket.  I can’t throw it away, it’s Lulu Lemon  #jahhahahahahha #dia #pamer! That’s why better you bring your -emang-ngga-mau-dipake-lagi- jacket.
  • owh, there were many many attractions  along the way!!!  Some played the Alphron, that Switzerland’s flute. even the Taiko — beduk Jepang itu lho! though ones who played the Taiko were (seems) local, Not Japannesse! But can’t find Gamelan tho! 😀
  • I think it was between Km 21 – Km 24 when a West Asia looking boy at about my kids’s age look puzzled at me and asked me with a very decent English  — mind you, I ran in non English speaking country —Where do you come from?”later he said “good luck, Kiky”Puzzled because I’m the one which he saw wore hijab, perhaps. :)). At around this area, there is also a shower in which, I didn’t need. Hello!!! its 16 degres my man!!! OOT (lagi) kenapa ngga ada di Jakarta Marathon ya pancuran ini? penting banget lhooo kalo udara tropis sih. Di KL Marathon aja ada! 
  • my FM drama is always at  KM 25 i guesss!!! The cramp become very noticeable. There is also a huge area for medic in Km 25. They didn’t have the spray nor the balm but provide massage service. Well I asked for a massage, being ogah rugi I am! Euro 98 for the registration fee, man! :))

mas mas tukang pijat gw

they also provided this service in Km 31. But when I got to Km 31, literally no runners around.
  • I think it was at Km 30, my mood of running dropped to its lowest point. Only less than 2 hour left and I’m soooo far for the finish line! I know how I run, completing 15 km in 2 hours would be impossible for me. Gw udah mulai malas-malasan….gee! I came this far and DNF! What a shame.
  • yet, at Km 32 then I realized…eyampun….tinggal 10Km lagi yaaaa bukan 13 Km!!! bahahahahhaha semangat lagi…. but hell, yeah, I saw some finishers also cheering us up! udah kelar dari dua jam yang lalu kayaknya. lucky, it’s in Berlin, not Sudirman!  Where the temperature was 16 degrees something. But just to make thing worst, I got passed by many many many eldery joggers! Oh nope, they were doing POWER WALK, yet wayyyyyyyy faster than I was who (was trying) to jog!!! Asli malu cuyy!!! tuh udah beneran kakek nenek,  I bet older than my daddy!
  • I think from this point forward I was cursing I-WILL-NEVER-SIGN-UP-FOR-A-MARATHON-AGAIN! EVER! -___-
  • Anyway Just toooo make it fast… here I saw the Brandenbug Torr..and owh wait! What? finish line is still 500m away.

1km terlama dalam hidup gw kayaknya!

  •  There you go, i did it. Alhamdulilah. I asked a Taiwan runner to take my pictures. We made friend at Km 28 or something 😀


 And to my surprise, many of my friends were tracking me down. I got my own track from them

forgot who sent this to which group 🙂

So, there is my result 🙂

PS: pictures taken by the committee, bought from Marathon Photos dot com. Yang tahun depan mau beli fotonya mending lewat Run De Globe aja, dapat diskon. gw sih anaknya sok-sok don’t rich people difficult. 😀

Anyway, after the race, made friend from KL who would be participating again the following week at Lindau, Sparkasse Marathon, namanya. Larinya lewat 3 negara German, Austria and Swiss. Cakep view-nya tapi yaah beliau sakit  jiwa kayaknya =)) Back to back marathon!


with Haris, our new friend from KL

bla bla bla… then we went out of the area to take pictures in its landmark with Namira. When we were busy taking pictures,a lady later I know her name was Gabriella approached me and asked where do I come from and whyyyyyy I wore hijab! Aih, seru amat sih ini! Muka gw muka gossip kali yaw! Then we took pictures with her, Gabriel came from Hannover if I’m not mistaken! She also had our pictures in her camera. Hi Gabrielle!!!


With Gabrielle

Serulah lari di Berlin, for sure. View are great, the spectators were wonderful!!! Pas lewatin daerah pendatang gw juga diteriakin Assalamu’alaikum sama orang2x Turki kayaknya. If money isn’t the issue, feel like joining this race annually. *carispouseyangtinggaldiJermanajaapaya?* =))

Ok, till my next world class marathon! see  you in either Chicago or New York 2016!  =))*not*

18 thoughts on “Berlin Marathon 2015 Race Recap

  1. Congratulation and proud of you, Ky 👍👍

    BTW, gue kagum lihat foto para pelari Indonesia di Kedubes, banyak juga..Jumlah total pelari dari Indonesia emang berapa, Ky?

    • 140-an kalo ngga salah. itu runners asia lain si orang Taiwan sama Haris orang malaysia komen juga sama “banyak banget dari Indonesia sihhhh”

  2. Mbaaakkk, aduh aku terharu banget baca ini. Terharu campur semangat. Catatan 10km ku ga beda2 jauh sama Mbak Kiky *bwuahaha ngaku2 ga beda jauh. Berarti bisalah aku ikutan HM dulu tahun depan. Terakhir aku ikut yang di Den Haag 1 jam 21 menit (lupa tepatnya, aku pernah tulis diblog) tapi yang Bromo Marathon itu emang keterlaluan medannya. Nanjaknya ga tanggung2. Aku 10km masak selesai 1 jam 58 menit hahaha.
    Race diLN ini emang seru karena antusias masyarakatnya juga bikin kita semangat. Mereka sampai bela2in berdiri dipinggir jalan buat kasih semangat, muter musik kenceng2 dari rumah mereka, pasang spanduk, panggil2 nama kita. Nama Mbak Kiky masih kecil itu ukurannya dibanding punyaku yang beneran segede gaban pas waktu di Den Haag ini haha. Dan terharunya banyak yang mengenali aku dari Indonesia *ya iyalah masak disangka dari Rusia 😆
    Mbak aku penasaran, kalo FM itu biasanya berhenti2 atau lari terus ya? Selain mampir ke tukang pijet ya haha dan penasaran juga bosen ga ya selama 6 jam lari gitu? Aku 10km aja kadang2 suka bosen kalo pas latihan bareng suami. Bosen kok ga nyampe2 haha.

    • Yelah Deniiii…… waktu gw Bromo Marathon juga segitu PERSIS catatan waktu gw

      gw mah lelet amat sangat, gendut kali ya….bisalah kalo latihan sih…hahahhahah.iya ih! terharu banget sama antusias warga Berlin gitu…ngasih minum sama makan juga…
      waktu race yang kalo kuat jogging terus, kalo malas jalan aja. Waktu FM di Bali mah sempat sholat, ke WC , makan pisang, foto foto, etc…hahhahahahhah rugi ah! bayarnya mahal =))

      bosen? hmmm…pastilah…hahahahah kan gw tulis pas 30KM ke atas sibuk merutuki diri sendiri kok ya mau maunya…ngga bakal FM lagi

      sebulan kelar Berlin Marathon mah udah hunting lagi.., mau FM dimana =))

      you can do it, too! ngga usah ditargetin, sesiapnya badan aja!

      • Mbaaakk foto kita hampir mirip yang di Bromo Marathon hahaha ya iyalah tempatnya sama aku ngakak2 sendiri baca cerita Mbak Kiky. Yang bikin aku terperangah, pas aku aku lagi istirahat nungguin suami yang HM, masak yang FM sudah muncul, bapak2 sudah berumur gitu. Diiyhh malu hati. Pas di Den Haag, beberapa kali aku kebalap sama beberapa nenek2 gitu. Trus aku dikasih semangat sama mereka. Langsung kebanting harga diriku pengen nyalip mereka juga hahaha ya walopun kenyataannya ga kesalip juga sih, mereka larinya cepet banget. Curiga pake per dikakinya hahah

      • ish emang ih! itu kece banget ya kakek nenek itu!! mereka santai banget jalannya eh power walknya bisa bisa yaaa lebih cepat dari gw yang jogging!
        power walk ada teknik juga, kaki napak di heel, tangannya di ayunkan. latihan 20 menit semimggu tiga kali. aku baru nyoba, bisa lhooo pace 8/min!! hahahahah *jumawa* *tau gitu jalan aja mgga usah lari*

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