(Europe Trip) Prague, Jsem Zamilovaná 

we had surprise  once we arrived at this city via Prague Hlavni Nadrazi (Hlavni Nadrazi means central station), when we were about to take a cab to Ibis Hotel – Old Town, we just knew this country used “Kr/Koruny ” as well as Euro!

1 euro = 26Kr, IDR 550/Kr (as per Sept 28th, 2015)

tukang taxi pun emoh pake argo dan nyuruh gw bayar Euro 30! akhirnya nawar Euro  15 which is masih kemahalan!!!! 

once I saw the town, it gave me shivering feeling. Ngga nyaman aja! 

Anyway, i decided to draw Kron money from ATM (jaringan cirrus atau Maestro bisa kok, seperti ATM BCA, apalagi visa/master debet). to save my (bank notes) Euro.

Then when wanted to visit Dancing House a.k.a Tančící dům , we didnt know how to buy bus ticket. We thought the ticket box will be beside the driver. Turn out. No ticket box. so kita main naik tanpa bayar! gw ketakutan setengah mati!!! takut ditangkap officer trus dikerjain! 

after getting off from the bus with no drama, Hamdalah!  I asked someone where to got the building then she showed us the way, we  took a little walk and …… VOILA!
i’m so lost in words with this city


The Dancing House just around that corner

For my sister, who studied architecture, this is a MUST visit building. Jadi gini, untuk ukuran kota Prague yang bangunannya bernuansa Gothic gitu, ada gedung unik gitu kayak “nekat” lah! Langgar estetika kota. kira kira gitu deh! 

I forgot how many hours! yes hours! just to be in this particular area because my sister were busy taking hundreds thousand of pictures this building. –”

Across this building, there is an art gallery and museum and coffee shop. I decided to have a coffee over there.

Names Caffe


Cappucino with a view

And off course, numpang WIFI gratis an. Ada kejadian lucu disini. Pas gw lagi minum kopi, sambil memandang keluar ngayal ngayal ngga jelas, ada 3 orang laki laki gitu lewat di luar. Trus gw guman, orang Indonesia deh kayaknya. Mereka senyumin gw balik. Bahahhahahah. Sok Akrab bener. 

strolling in the old town Prague is very nice.

Lots of old castles, curches, cafes and everything is  beautiful and nice. We spent the day, took a lot of picture  at the famous Charles Bridge (Karlův most) ! Where people passing by, took pictures, buy souvenirs,listen to street musician and….. smooching!


Charles Bridge  early in the morning

Tips from me : DO NOT VISIT THIS CHARLES BRIDGE and may be the city when YOU HAVE A BROKEN HEART! JUST DONT!  =)) 

Loe bakal pengen garuk-garuk aspal deh!!!!


When we wanted to go back to the hotel, we got lost! The small road of the old town confused me. Google maps wasn’t helping either. Kita dibantuin sama middle age women yang teriak teriak pakai bahasa Chez sambil nganterin kita ke arah Mal Paladium. Next to this mall, is our hotel, Ibis Old Town Prague . I think youngster in this country has fluent English. when I bought bread and coffee at the station, the waitress speak English very well. Tapi yang tua-tuanya susah. Macam di Indonesia kali ya. generasi muda-nya lebih jago bahasa asing. 

We had our morning run from our Hotel to Charles Bridge and passed by :

using INDONESIA visor from KBRI German

Behind me The Church of Mother of God before Týn. Main church since 14th century.  Cantik banget yaaaa!!!!!!!

And of course, its landmark, Astronomical Clock

FYI, di area ini ada tour gratisan. Nanti ada yang pasang bendera menandakan bahasa yang dipakai si tour guide. Tapi at the end of the trip jangan lupa kasih tip. berapa? gw ngga tau hahahahah. I skipped the free (but give the guide) tip. 

and stop by to this bakery shop to grab breakfast. the bakery recommended by Trip Advisor

after we had our morning run, we went to Prague Castle/Pražský hrad in proper clothes.


view from the top before entering Prague Castle

Built in 9th century! It’s a hundreds steps uphill! gee I was tired, view was

breathtaking tho!

Prague Castle

Dan lagi-lagi kami ngga sempat menikmati dalamnya castle-castle ini! AH!!! Ngga sempat juga naik tower-tower yang banyak banget di Prague ini!


dont forget to try its signature Bread – TREDELNIK , roti gulung kayu manis lalu ditaburi gula halus. Skip aja rasa coklat, udah manis.


Dan yang banci skin care what so ever, jangan lupa beli MANUFAKTURA, CHEZC’s skin care speciality!

at night, Riefa and Corry arrived at Prague and we had dinner together at Prince Hotel.
They’ll spent 5 days in Prague and another 5 days in Vienna afterwars. I think that’s the wisest way of travelling. enough time to explore!


Astronomical Clock at Night

yola and Cory

yola and Cory

berasa orang kaya deh, makan di hotel bagian luarnya, diselimutin sama waitressnya, dingin booo dan ngeliatin lalu lalang orang. This town is more charming in the evening.
dont ask how much I spent for my fancy dinner (di hotelll bo!!!) But to be honest, cost i Prague bit affordable compare to the cities we visitted.
after saying good bye with Riefa and Corry, we went back to hotel, this is our last night in Prague (3 days 2 Night). we headed to station where we bought bus ticket for tomorroow to its Central Station yang harganya cuma…KR 30 (for 30 mins).
Jadi di Prague, agak lebih “sempit” tenggat waktu pemakaian ticket terusan. tetep sih, variasinya waktunya banyak. (ngerti ngga maksud gw?) hahahah

anyway, do you wondering how this dual currency work in this city?
tell you what.

a little drama, shortly after arriving here, my eyeliner was missing. OH MY Godness, I’d have a date on Thursday and my-USD 25 eyeliner-is missing. #world’s #class #problem 😀

So I went to Sephora in Paladium Mall ;). Lupa gw harganya berapa, tapi ngga sampai IDR 100K. I paid in Euro (bank notes) the casheer gave the change in Kr coins. But you can’t give them Euro Coins.

eh, sekarang eyeliner Sephora-nya hilang –” 

a little note on this city.
When I was about to buy postcards, I had small talk with the seller.

He asked “kamu muslim ya? dari Malaysia? bla bla bla

Nope, I’m Indonesian. 

then he said “lucky for you. In Indonesia and Malaysia young people like you can find a job and spare money for holiday. not in my country, no job for us. That’s why I come here. 9 yrs already. I miss my parent”

me : where do you come from?


#humanofNewYork ala ala sikiky!

I was lost with words (again).  Setau gw nih  negara ngga kelar-kelar  urusan revolusi- demo – revolusi dan lain lain. Wajar ekonomi ngga jalan. 

This trip made me broke yet enriched me spritually. ya, mungkin saya lebay. but it’s true!

PS : arti judul di atas , Prague, I’m in LOVE!

Until next time, cantik!

second PS : pas mau kesini, gw pengen punya foto ala -ala Murad Osmand and Natalia Zakharova di Charles Bridge. ish! gagal! couldnt find proper boy which arm I can borrow.

Sempat besoknya pengen bikin foto ala-ala di kota setelah Prague,eh gagal juga =))  #yanasib


20 thoughts on “(Europe Trip) Prague, Jsem Zamilovaná 

  1. Impian banget kesini. Thanks buat kartuposnya Mbak, makin menambah niat buat kesini. Jadi kalau dikasih nilai 1-10, menurut Mbak Kiky, Praha ini nilainya berapa dari tempat2 yang sudah dikunjungi?

  2. Prahaaaa… Parisnya eropa timur katanya ya, cakep bgt ya mbak.. Sempet lari pagi mb disana? Coool…

    Ak kyknya jg bakal gagap klo dibilangin gitu sm si orang tunisia 😦
    Smg dagangannya laris manis.

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