open water trial : Pulau Semak Daun

ha! Tribuds arranged another open water again! First, It suppose to be at the same place like previous open water trial.

Yet, Something came up, they moved the places to Pulau Semak Daun!

Oh my goodness!!!! never cross my mind there is such a place one hour boat from Ancol. But hell, I realized Java Sea is FULL OF GARBAGE!!! OH people!!!!!!


sampah di sini sampah di sana! yuck!



here’s a glimpse of Pulau Air taken from where I sit. We used larger boat this time

Cruising Pulau Air *before they kicked us* :p

another less than 30 mins boat cruise from Pulau Air, here’s Pulau Semak Daun.
Masya Allah!!! Beautiful!!!!

just arrived!

we of course did some warming up.

Unlike Pulau Air where we literally jump to the sea, this island has a beach!

So Idir came up with the idea to have race simulation, as it is a real tri race – swim leg.
I fell in love this place with many corals and little fishes! swimming peacefully under me.
“fabiayyi ala i rabbikuma tukadziban” – 
Based on picture above, the right  side is quite shallow, less than 1 meter, until at about 100 meter we suppose to turn left and the sea depth at about 5m. there are giant corrals anyway, so we can step on it.

(feel like) the coolest open water swimmer evaaa!!!

I break my PB again for longest swimming ! I hit 2.5 km with in 1 hour 10 minshow to read (clock wise) ?


1st quadrant : time I spent for my swimming ==> 1 hour : 10 mins

2nd  quadrant : pace/speed, 2 min 48 secs per 100 meter

3rd quadrant : Distance, 2.52 km

last quadrant : time of the day


always had fun with this crowd!


We spent the day until about 11 am. I didn’t take a shower at the island :D. On the way back to Marina Ancol, our boat stuck in the middle of the ocean due to the garbage! Sampahnya nyangkut di mesin!

Intermezzo dikit: what is it with us people? Gw pernah negur kolega gw yang buang bungkus makanannya ke jalan (read: sama sama kelas menengah ngehe), sering banget liat kaum marjinal ibukota yang buang bungkus rokoknya gitu aja. hmppttt….ini sampah-sampah dari sungai yang isinya juga sampah juga!!!  -___-

well, anyway! sure I had fun! open water swimming gives sensation as good as trail run! 😉

Until next open water trial! Hopefully over here =))



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